Who Are We?

We’re the Camp Shores, website team. We are campers like you, and we have done tons of camping throughout California and the US at large.

Our story started when our trusted tent failed us at a beach. Since then, we have tried all sorts of camping shelters (such as campervans, RVs, and even sleeping under the stars).

Our website author Tom is a devoted outdoor enthusiast and active blogger who has a profound love for the great outdoors, especially camping and kayaking.

This passion for the outdoors combined with studying an MSc. in Product Design, and working as a Product Engineer gives him the perfect combination of experience and expertise to help guide you on the best camping and kayaking gear.

Tom aims to inspire other travellers to appreciate nature’s beauty by sharing their experiences, wisdom, and intriguing stories in engrossing blog articles. He believes in working to promote respect for and preservation of our priceless landscapes out of a dedication to environmental stewardship.

Join Tom on their quest to find undiscovered treasures, exchange helpful advice, and arouse awe for the vast outdoors.

We Can Help You Experience More Fun From Your Camping Trips

Our goal is to see you all smiles, kayaking away in a resort, and leisure at the beach. We want you to experience fun like never before.

It doesn’t matter where you plan to camp or what activities you had lined up. We have something for you at Camp Shores.


Reach Out, And Let’s Talk!

Are you a camper, a kayaker, or even an enthusiast? Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you do.

If camping, beaching, and kayaking interest you, we will like to hear from you. Reach out and let’s know how we can serve you a better and personalized resource.