Who Are We?

We’re the Camp Shores, website team. We are campers like you, and we have done tons of camping throughout California and the US at large.

Our story started when our trusted tent failed us at a beach. Since then, we have tried all sorts of camping shelters (such as campervans, RVs, and even sleeping under the stars).

Also, in our quest for the holy grail of camping, we have tried several camping sites. Now, we have gathered our experiences to help you.

In essence, Camp Shores is a resource bank by campers and for campers. We can all have the perfect camping experiences, and this guide (Camp Shores) will pave the way!

Campers Who Understand Your Plight

In the beginning, we often suffer shortcomings regarding camping aids. Today, it might be our tent, and the next day could be the gears not functioning adequately.

At Camp Shores, we understand what you are going through. We have undergone the same process.

But we are here now to help you. Since we experienced our setbacks, we had since reviewed gears, tents, and even camping sites.

While we might not be scientists here at Camp Shore, we have a pretty taste. Also, we value interesting and helpful designs. As such, we know what excellent camping gear entails.

More importantly, we go out camping often. So, we learn every day to bring you insightful reviews and guides.

Visually-appealing And Comprehensive Content

Undoubtedly, our camping know-how will be useful to you. However, we went out of the way to do even better than that.

What if it’s your first time camping? Do you even understand the tools and terms

For easy comprehension, our content is at its most comprehensive. Here, you will find guides and articles that even a 7th-grader will understand.

Furthermore, we understand that guides are not rigid, academic write-ups. So, you can expect that our resources are comprehensive as they are engaging. Besides, camping is a fun experience, and our content oozes the same thing.

Lastly, we take time to add visuals to our resources. We believe images add spice to words. More so, we love to show our tents and kayaks – who doesn’t?

We Can Help You Experience More Fun From Your Camping Trips

Our goal is to see you all smiles, kayaking away in a resort, and leisure at the beach. We want you to experience fun like never before.

It doesn’t matter where you plan to camp or what activities you had lined up. We have something for you at Camp Shores.

And you can trust us too. This project isn’t from a greenhorn. Our audience has reported back on how our content has helped them. So, we are sure that you will find help reading through our archives!

Reach Out, And Let’s Talk!

Are you a camper, a kayaker, or even an enthusiast? Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you do.

If camping, beaching, and kayaking interest you, we will like to hear from you. Reach out and let’s know how we can serve you a better and personalized resource.