Arcshell Premium Extra Large Pop Up Beach Tent UPF 50+ Review

Going to the beach is a lot of fun, especially when you have a great tent to shelter you from the heat. A tent which is both functional and beautiful is definitely an ideal choice especially if you enjoy taking breaks for sun and surf. A flame resistant tent will be very useful and will let you feel safe and secure while enjoying different activities on the sand or in the water.

Looking for a good tent would mean that you will also look into what warranty it comes with. Having a warranty will ensure that if your tent arrives damaged or doesn’t live up to what is promised in the product description, you can have it replaced. A great tent will also come with a lot of accessories and extra items to enhance the whole experience further.

Features of Arcshell Premium Extra Large Pop Up Beach Tent UPF 50+

The Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

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So what exactly makes a tent ideal for you? You have to think about significant factors which you need and want. It all depends on the special features of the tent and how these features meet your personal beach needs. Here are some of the cool features of this tent:

  • This imported tent is made with polyester walls, making it breathable.
  • The oxford floor, as well as the walls, is waterproof so you can mount your tent in any location at the beach.
  • The material of the tent also protects you from the damages of UV rays.
  • The tent has mesh windows located at the back of the tent. This will protect you from bugs and allow for good ventilation and circulation of air.
  • 6 sturdy stakes which are 12 inches long, it also comes with 5 XL sandbags to ensure that your tent is mounted well and is stable enough to withstand even strong winds.


  • Comes with a 2-year guarantee from the manufacturer and a money-back guarantee as well.
  • Has a carrier bag wherein the instructions for set-up are printed on.
  • Simple and quick to set-up and take down.
  • Mesh windows allow for good air circulation and ventilation.


  • The flap of the tent needs to be supported so it doesn’t blow around in the wind.


There are hundreds of different kinds of tents available in the market. Making a selection will hugely depend on your needs and personal specifications. The Arcshell Premium Extra Large Pop Up Beach Tent is easily one of the greatest products available. It is extremely durable as it’s made from high-quality materials – from the walls, the floors, and even the stakes. A durable tent will surely save you a lot of money.

If you really enjoy going to the beach or enjoying various outdoor activities, this is an incredible option for you. It’s not only durable but it’s very stable as well. You will feel secure once you’ve set it up and mounted it with the stakes. The windows provide good ventilation and protection from bugs. So while you’re inside, the fresh air comes in but the pesky insects stay out.


Summer Breeze Easy Pop Up Beach Tent – Large

You may not think that the Arcshell Premium Extra Large Pop Up Beach Tent is not the right tent for you personally. Don’t worry though; there are other great options which come with their own special features. One such quality product is the Summer Breeze Easy Pop Up Beach Tent. It can be set-up in a matter of seconds and the ventilated roof ensures maximum relief and comfort.

This tent is made from materials which protect you from the sun, the wind and the rain. It comes with a case for carrying as well as stakes and sandbags for added stability.

The three windows have their own window flaps so you can enjoy as much or as little privacy as you desire. Setting up this tent is easy while there is online support for instructions on how you can take it down or fold it up.


This tent has a lot of useful and beneficial features, making it an awesome choice for any kind of outdoor activity. You will be getting a tent which is not only spacious but is secure and comfortable as well. You won’t have to worry about insects getting in while you’re enjoying the breeze coming in the mesh windows.

In terms of the quality, you will definitely not be disappointed. Everything on this tent is made with high-quality materials. These materials don’t only keep you safe and dry, but they also ensure that the tent is highly durable. Buying a tent which will last for years is an investment in itself. So, is this tent a good buy? Yes, we really think it is.

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