Augymer Pop Up Camping Tent Review

Most manufacturers have addressed the increasing demand for simpler tents that are easier and faster to set up. With the modern engineering techniques and genius minds, they come up with an excellent option for campers–the pop-up tents. If you want a simple and reliable tent, then check out Augymer Pop Up Camping Tent.

Augymer Pop Up Camping Tent

Augymer Pop Up Camping Tent

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Augymer, a company dedicated to making outdoor sports products, manufactured this pop-up tent. The Augymer Pop Up Camping Tent uses modern technology for an incredibly quick set up and multifunctional offering to campers.


  • Hydraulic Power

The pop-up tent uses the latest hydraulic technology for an easy and quick set up. It is 5000 times faster as compared to other pop-up tent systems. The automatic installation will occur within three seconds when the hydraulic pump lifts up the top of the tent. Additionally, pressing the end of the pole will automatically fold the tent.

This technology assures normal tent condition, stability, and lack of any deformities despite its quick assembly. Using the Augymer Pop Up Tent even during rainy weather or windy conditions will keep you calm and worry-free.

  • Powerful Construction

This is an ideal backpacking tent due to its waterproof and windproof features. The inner tent uses 190T waterproof fabric with up to PU3000 rating while the flysheet tent uses 210T waterproof fabric with up to PU2000 rating. It also comes with a UV protection layer with a grade of 50+.

The double waterproof tent will protect you against UV damage during summer. It will also keep you and your equipment dry during rainy seasons. This powerful tent can withstand rain attacks, keeping you safe and dry inside your tent for up to 24 hours.

It also features six galvanized tents to nail and wind the rope to ensure coping up even during extreme weather conditions. There is a special camping light hook that helps keep the area lit during night camping.

  • Multifunctional

The tent is highly convertible into several types depending on your needs. It can serve as a flysheet during cool summer, preventing sunburn due to its 50+ UV protection. The flysheet is suitable for outdoor activities such as fishing, picnics, and seaside adventures.

A more comfortable and breathable option can also be achieved with its two D-style doors. These allow for easy entry and exit as well as better air circulation. It comes with a mesh mosquito curtain that prevents insects from entering your tent.

The combination of these two functions makes it a suitable tent for 3-season camping experience–autumn, spring, and summer. This gives a solid and durable shelter against bad weather conditions.

  • Quality Assurance

Augymer, the manufacturer of the pop-up camping tent, offers 90 days no-reason return or replace option. Full refund or replacement of new products is also supported. You will definitely have guaranteed satisfaction and best aftermarket.


  • Uses advanced technology
  • Easy to set up
  • Highly durable and lightweight
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Supports different seasons
  • Good customer support


  • Folding up is a bit challenging


The Augymer Pop Up Camping Tent is a powerful pop-up tent that offers automatic assembly. It uses a completely different technology as compared to ordinary camping tents. The sturdy construction of this tent allows waterproof and windproof experience no matter what the weather conditions are.

The tent also serves as a multi-function outdoor tent that perfectly fits any couple or family camping. No matter how you use it–as a pavilion, a canopy, or a sleeping hub, this pop-up tent guarantees protection, safety, and comfort. Plus, the manufacturer offers 90-day no-reason return or replace option and supports full refund or replacement of new products. 


The Augymer Pop Up Camping Tent is not one in a million as there are other similar products on the market such as the Geertop Pop Up Tent.

The Augymer Pop Up Camping Tent gives users a wonderful camping experience with their state-of-the-art technology. Its durable construction and lightweight properties make it highly dependable on any weather conditions giving you a peaceful and quiet camping experience for all seasons.

Meanwhile, the Geertop Pop Up Tent guarantees the safety and privacy of the users. It comes with strong stitches at the seams to ensure that there are no rips and ears present, and its frame is made from durable and solid materials. It is highly waterproof and offers UV protection, making it suitable for both rainy and sunny weather, although not guaranteed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The Augymer Pop Up Camping Tent is smaller at its dimension of 5.5 x 25.6 x 5.5 inches, fitting two to three people comfortably, compared to the Geertop Pop Up Tent at 110.23 x 82.67 x 47.24 inches, enabling it to house a family of three to five comfortably.

Overall, both tents were made to ease up pitching and cut-off all the complex processes of setting up a temporary outdoor shelter. Both of them even come with a convenient carry bag for easy transport and storage. The Augymer Pop Up Camping Tent and the Geertop Pop Up Tent definitely give you value for your money. The only deciding factor is when are you going to use it.

The Augymer Pop Up Camping Tent is your best bet if you plan to go on camping for a long period at any time of the year. The Geertop Pop Up Tent, on the other hand, is the option for simpler and shorter outdoor activities. But what makes the former product one step ahead is that its manufacturer offers 90 days no-reason return or replace option, which the latter product did not explicitly offer.


In the head-to-head challenge, the Augymer Pop Up Camping Tent takes the lead over Geertop Pop Up Tent. While both fall on the easy-to-use and easy-to-set-up tents, they have distinct features that make one better than the other.

But overall, the Augymer Pop Up Camping Tent embodies the modern technology of tents. With its advanced features, you are assured to have the best durability and functionality that you are looking for in a pop-up tent. The manufacturer’s support and assistance to its client are what makes them stand out of the rest.

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