Beach Tent Or Umbrella: Which One Would You Choose

Azure sea water, gentle waves kissing your feet and stretches of pristine white sand… a perfect day at the beach! While heading for a beach day may be one of your favorite things to do in the summer, getting a sun burn will surely not be on the list.

Needless to say spending hours on the beach, especially when the sun is at its peak can do a lot of harm to your skin. Even if you layer yourself with an SPF protection and keep re-applying sunscreen every 15 minutes, it’s going to make your feel uncomfortable.

If you are traveling with kids, you simply cannot do without a shelter to protect your little ones from the direct sun rays. Plus, a shade gives your children a break from the sweltering heat and a place where they can eat and take a short nap. Proper beach gear, including beach umbrellas, beach tents, and other sun protection products, is essential for a comfortable and safe beach experience.

When you are looking for a beach shade, you will find two main options to choose from – a beach tent or an umbrella.

In the past, a portable beach umbrella was the best option available to get some shade from the sun, while still enjoy the sea breeze and soak up the beach views. If you have been there and done that, then you probably know the downsides of using a beach umbrella.

All it takes is a strong gust of wind to blow your umbrella right over and nearly poke into an unsuspecting toddler’s eyes. The last thing you would want to do on your beach day is running after a flying beach umbrella.

So, what’s the better alternative: Beach Tent Or Best Beach Umbrella?

A good beach tent can give you more privacy and better protection from the sun’s stinging rays. It is a good place to take a break and relax when the sea breeze gets too harsh or when the sun is at its peak. Beach canopies also provide a larger shaded area and additional protection from the sun and wind.

The good quality beach tents come with roofs that are coated with SPF 50+ to provide sun protection from UV rays. They are made of weather resistant material to keep you safe in windy and rainy conditions.

Kids can take a break and play in shade when they are tired of being in the sun. They can eat comfort and enjoy a short nap time in the tent. Beach chairs can be used in conjunction with beach tents for added comfort and shade.

If you are traveling with newborns, a beach tent will not only provide protection from the sun and strong winds, but also keep the sand from getting into your baby’s eyes. It also keeps the bugs at bay, making it ideal for beach trips.

If you are someone who doesn’t like the idea of other people spying at you, a beach tent offers higher level of privacy. It comes with side walls, windows with enclosures so there’s no one peeking or disturbing you. Many beach tents feature an enclosed design and ventilation options.

Another important reason why we prefer a beach tent over umbrella is that it comes with pockets on the back or sides that you can fill with sand to keep them firmly attached to the ground. A sand anchor can also be used to secure the tent.

When the sea wind gets unruly, it can blow up a lot of sand. With a beach tent you and your family will be safe because it has side walls that provide extra protection over an umbrella. A typical beach umbrella has limitations in providing shaded area and protection from the sun.

The best beach tents are known for their quality and suitability for specific needs.

3 things to consider when buying many beach tents

Now that you are clear about your preference when it comes to choosing a beach tent or umbrella, here are a few important things to consider.

Consider the Outdoormaster Beach Umbrella for its portability and ease of setup, making it a great alternative to traditional beach tents.

Most beach tents will ‘pop up’ with great ease but putting them back is not as easy as setting them up. So, make sure you buy a tent that is easy to fold back and put inside the carrying case.

Buy a beach tent that has windows on the side or rear walls to allow easy air flow. These vents are usually made of mesh. Some tents come with windows that can be closed when the wind gets too strong or blows up sand.

Beach tents are available in different sizes. You would not want your kids to feel cramped up inside a tent. So choose the right size depending on the number of family members.

Conclusion: Essential Beach Gear

To buy the best beach tent for your family, spend some time researching for an easy to use and reliable product. Read customer reviews and get suggestions from family and friends. While the best beach umbrella can be a good option, it often has limitations in withstanding wind, providing sufficient shade, and versatility compared to beach tents. We suggest that you don’t hesitate from spend a little more for better quality beach tent because trying to save a few dollars can spoil your vacation.

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