Beach Tent Vs Camping Tent: And The Winner Is…

Spending a day at the beach and maybe a night too (if it is allowed) is something many people look forward to in the summer. As the chilling winter retreats and the sun shines with all its might, it’s time to shed those extra layers and take out those stunning beach wears.

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While you may be excited to feel the breeze in your hair, the powdery sand under your feet, and bathe in the sunshine, it is important that you keep yourself protected from the potential risks. Exposing yourself to direct sun, especially during the peak hours, can be risky.

Plus, if you are traveling with kids, you would need a place where they can take a break, eat, and enjoy a short nap. So, a good solution is to buy or rent a tent that you can use at the beach. These are typically known as beach tents or pop up tents. They not only provide protection from the sun but also from strong winds and bugs.

Beach camping is a popular activity, but it requires the right equipment. While beach tents are used for camping at the beach, they are in many ways different from an actual camping tent. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two – beach tent vs camping tent.


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The Difference: Beach Tent Vs Camping Tents

If you look from the outside, a beach tent will look very much like a camping tent. In fact many people set up camping tents on the beachside to get some shade. However, there are some basic differences between the two which makes people prefer a beach tent over a camping tent when they are heading to the seashore.

A beach camping tent is made from water-resistant materials such as polyester or nylon. The typical design includes a zippered door along with two or more openings to allow convenient access. These tents are not built for people to sleep in and their main objective is to provide shelter from sun. However, they may be used for sleepovers by the beach or at parks, river side, lake area, picnic spots and a few camp sites as well.

A good camping tent is made from strong and durable material and it is mostly used in the woods for sleepovers at night. Protection from sun is not the main factor for these types of tents. They are built to provide protection from outside elements such as wind, rain, intrusion and so on.

The biggest difference between beach tents and camping tents is the ability to provide protection from sun’s UV rays. A beach tent is designed in a way to provide enhanced sun protection in an open area, and some models even come with a UPF 50 coating on the side panels and roof.

A camping tent lacks this feature. As a result it fades quickly when exposed to the sun. It provides very little UV protection. Most beach tents also come with a water resistant floor so that you stay dry under the shade.


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What makes beach tent a great option for sun protection

The winner is a beach tent for sure and here are a few reasons that make it such a great option.

While getting a tan is good, sometimes the sun might get too hot for your sunscreen to handle. A beach tent or beach canopy allows you to take a break from the sun and enjoy a cool shade. It is more comfortable than lying on a beach towel.

A beach tent is perfect for a beach day, offering portability and convenience for impromptu outings. There are occasions when the beach wind suddenly gets too strong and blows a lot of sand with it. You can take shelter in the tent to prevent the sand from getting into your eyes.

Travelling with kids means you will carry a lot of bags with you. So, a tent gives you a good place to keep all your belongings, including beach chairs. But if you are looking for a tent to sleep up to 12 people, a beach tent is not the right choice.

A beach tent or beach umbrella provides excellent protection from the sun and wind. The best beach tents are made of top-notch material which may be as good as a camping tent, with the additional benefit of sun protection. The tent is versatile and you may use it in different locations with ease. Just like a camping tent, you will also find family-size beach tents that can accommodate two adults and kids.

When looking for the best beach tent online, make sure you consider a few important factors such as your family size and specific requirements. A beach tent should be lightweight, easily portable, and durable. It should have ventilators to allow easy flow of air and good sun protection. Additionally, check if the tent comes with a carrying bag for easy transportation.

Compared to other beach tents, this model offers great versatility and ease of use. When looking for the best beach tent, consider features like the tent floor, which provides comfort and helps avoid sitting directly on the sand.


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