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Browning Camping Big Horn Two-Room 10 Man Tent

With so many families choosing to vacation closer to come than fly abroad these days, camping has become a popular choice.

Camping lets you be one with nature. You can explore the surrounding area and make new discoveries.

For many, the thought of roughing it by sleeping on the ground with no heating or mattress puts them off. However, there is no need to rough it with the wide range of tents to choose from on today’s market.

Are you thinking of going on a camping trip with the whole family or with friends? It can be confusing to know what size tent to get.

As the name suggests, a 10 person tent should fit 10 people inside comfortably.

Even if you have less than 10 people, you should consider a 10 person tent to ensure the whole family will sleep comfortably along with all your personal belongings that need to be stored inside too.

If you have a big group going camping, you will want a sturdy, reliable, and spacious tent.

We have done the hard work for you by compiling a 10 product list of the best 10 person tents on the market today.

We will discuss each tent’s pros and cons to help you decide which one is best for you and your needs.

As well as this, we have also included a helpful buyer’s guide with some important tips and aspects to look out for when buying a new tent.

Our FAQs section will answer the most common queries that you may have to finalize your choice!

Is the weather looking good for a spot of camping this weekend? Let’s hurry up and look at our top pick below!

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Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Tent

Coleman is renowned for its high-quality production of outdoor accessories and products.

If you’re looking for a comfortable tent for a long camping trip, this could be the one for you.

The Coleman WeatherMaster 10 person tent includes hinged doors, another cutting edge design from those at Coleman. This divides the rooms and provides easy front door access.

It is made with a WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams that will keep you dry in all weather conditions. The rain fly is highly effective in providing protection against rain and moisture, ensuring durability and comfort in various weather conditions.

This cabin-like tent has enough room for 3 queen size beds and will easily fit big groups.

Whether you’re battling strong gusts or torrential rain, the Weathermaster should withstand all it comes up against.




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Second, on our list is a waterproof pop up tent that only takes around 60 seconds to set up. It couldn’t be easier!

With a top rainfly seam to prevent any water from soaking into the tent, the OT QOMOTOP 10 Person tent will keep you dry and safe in all weather extremes.

Its PE Tube tent floor with welded corners keeps the tent’s interior dry at all times, even during heavy rainstorms.

Its room divider can change the open plan living space inside into two separate rooms for added privacy.

Measuring 14 x 10 feet with a 6-foot 4-inch center height, you will be able to use two queen size airbeds as well as other camping gear.

Electrical cords can be connected easily through a handy port that closes when not in use to prevent any damage.

Its ventilation is top-class with an upgraded mesh roof and ground vent to guarantee good airflow throughout the tent.



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Browning Camping Big Horn Two-Room 10 Man Tent

If you’re looking for an easy to set up and affordable tent, look no further than the Browning Camping Big Horn 10 Man Tent.

It should only take 2 people a little time to set up thanks to its outstanding hub design. There are 2 large doors for easy entry and exit.

Steel uprights and fiberglass poles provide supreme strength to the free-standing structure.

Its awning covers each sealed fly, door, and floor seams to offer protection from the elements.

You’ll easily be able to stand up inside with extra space created in the center and its straight walls will let you fit in your camp furniture and accessories.



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Ozark Trail Dark Rest Instant Cabin

This is one of the fastest to set-up tents on the market taking only 2 minutes. It will protect you from heavy rain and keep you cozy inside its spacious interior.

The Ozark Trail Dark rest Instant Cabin is built with state of the art dark rest technology.

This provides darkness regulation and privacy within the tent for uninterrupted long nights of sleep.

Its large interior can fit 2 queen-size airbeds with a hanging gear organizer for your clothes. It also includes deluxe gear pockets to store all your items in.

There is electrical cord access in its carrying bag to power your electrical gadgets up.

It comes with stakes but it is worth noting you may need sturdier ones down the line.



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Wenzel Great Basin Tent 10 Person

This is a great choice if you’re looking for a large, three-room dome tent.

The Wenzel Great Basin Tent has a heavy-duty polyethylene floor with welded seams to keep you safe from the rain and add extra durability to the tent body.

Airflow is increased on those hot, humid nights thanks to its mesh roof and the polyester fly that covers most of the tent will keep you dry in thunderstorms.

The rooms can be divided by yourself if required so you can make one large space inside or two to three rooms.

This Wenzel tent is well ventilated with mesh roof vents, a mesh door, and four generously sized windows to wake up to beautiful views each morning.



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Wenzel Timber Ridge Tent

Wenzel enters our top 10 again with this cabin-styled tent rather than a dome-shaped one.

The Wenzel Timber Ridge tent stands at 93-inches giving you plenty of room to stand inside without crouching over repeatedly.

If you get caught in a rainstorm, the rainfly on the roof will keep you dry but if the weather is kind, you can look out at the beautiful scenery through its 6 windows and open up the two entrances for ventilation.

These provide a great deal of light throughout the whole tent.

The tent is relatively easy to set up with 2 people. Its construction is sturdy and should withstand most rough weather conditions.



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NTK Arizona GT Camping Tent

The NTK Arizona GT Camping Tent is an outstanding waterproof option among camping tents that you can rely on to keep you dry, even in the heaviest rainstorms.

The high-quality materials made in the construction of this tent are extraordinary with heat-welded PU seam sealed linings, 190T polyester laminated water column to keep you dry, and UV protection for those long, hot summer days.

A large mesh that covers the entire tent provides supreme ventilation with mosquito mesh on the large D-style doors to keep mosquitos at bay.

This heavy-duty tent will withstand the wettest nights and when you’re done, it is easy to fold up and store it in its carry bag with compression straps.



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Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

You will easily fit 2 queen-size mattresses in the Core 10 Person Cabin Tent. With a height of 86”, most people should have no problem standing up straight inside either.

This Core cabin tent incorporates Core H20 Block Technology and adjustable ground vents for excellent ventilation at all times.

Some of the features of this tent are fantastic including its room divider to create 2 separate compartments if needed.

There is a gear loft with a lantern hook and pockets to keep your items organized and keep your tent clutter-free.

These days, most of us like our electronic gadgets even when camping and the Core Cabin tent has an electrical cord access point to charge whatever devices you’ll need.



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UNP Camping Family Tent

The unique UNP Camping Family Tent is ideal for large groups of friends and family. You will have no problem fitting 10 sleeping bags or 3 queen air mattresses inside.

This tent is very easy to set up with patented foot sleeves providing a secure and windproof construction.

Repacking the tent should be a breeze with a large carry bag that will securely store the tent when not in use.

A unique aspect of this tent is how it can become an outdoor cinema with the addition of a projector pointed towards the dividing screens.

Its awning is designed to prevent rain from dripping inside and its 8 guy lines offer stability and ensure the tent is windproof.



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Tahoe Gear Olympia Season Family Camping Tent

The Tahoe family camping tent is extremely easy to assemble with shock-corded poles and a pin-and-ring system for a quick set-up.

It’s durable 1200mm polyester design ensures the tent is more than capable in hot and cold weather conditions.

Its high-quality fabric is water-resistant to keep you dry at all times.

The ventilation is very comfortable to make sure campers stay cool on humid nights and its open mesh roof area gives excellent cross ventilation throughout the whole tent.

A power slip near the door provides easy access to power inside your tent and its 84” center/wall height will let you move around freely inside.



Best 10 Person Tent Buying Guide

Before you decide on which tent is the best for you, there are a few factors to consider to help you understand what to look for in a top-quality 10 person tent.


You shoulder consider the location you will be setting up your tent.

10 person tents are rather large so some areas may not be able to accommodate such sizable tents.


You should think about how long a tent takes to set up. Some can pop up in a matter of minutes but others can be very difficult and time-consuming.

Keep in mind that some will require more than one set of hands too.


Consider how light the tent is and how easy it is to carry.

10 person tents can be quite cumbersome so ensure you can carry the weight of your desired tent and its carry bag.


You will want something high-quality enough to last many years but also within your budget.

Have a budget in mind and your options will be much easier to narrow down.


You would have noticed the term “ventilation” pop up quite a few times in this article.

If you’re camping in a hot area, your tent will trap heat inside. To help with this, your tent needs to be well-ventilated to dissipate any heat.

This is available as mesh panels, mesh ceilings, and numerous windows. 


You should check the door’s mechanism and its zipper’s simplicity to open and close. YKK zippers are highly recommended as they don’t break easily.

It is also advised to find a tent with multiple entrances for easy access and exit.


This is another layer, known as a rain fly, that protects your tent against rain. It also retains some added warmth on those cold camping nights.

The two types of rain fly are full coverage and roof-only. Roof-only types give you more light but don’t provide as much protection as full coverage versions.


You will find most 10 person tents are free-standing and easy to set up. If required, some poles come color-coded to guide you through the assembly.

You should look for aluminum poles for extra durability and strength.


The type of flooring a tent has is vital when combating the different weather conditions you’ll experience whilst camping.

The two types of floors are bathtub and regular flooring. Bathtub floors are best at keeping rainwater out when there is a heavy downpour.

However, these do retain the water inside afterward.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you maintain a 10 person tent?

Condensation can form inside your tent in certain weather conditions. You should reduce this by removing damp gear from inside your tent and let the tent fully ventilate.

You should always let the tent dry before storage to prevent mold and pack tent poles in a separate bag to prevent them from tearing the tent’s fabric.

Lastly, do not leave your tent set up for weeks as the sun’s ultraviolet rays can seriously damage the tent’s materials and colors.

Should I opt for a 10 person tent or smaller?

If you regularly go on camping trips with large groups, you will need a tent that offers sturdy and spacious accommodation. 10 person tents offer more sleeping area and, therefore, more comfort. But if you are looking for something even bigger, check out our guide and discover the best 12 person tent

These also offer more storage options. If you camp in small groups, it may be worth purchasing smaller sized tents each for privacy.

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