Best 12 Person Tent

Best 12 Person Tent

When it comes to holidays and camping, we feel the more people you can get together, the better.

And, if there’s a big group of you going camping together, the bigger the tent the better. And you don’t get many tents much bigger than a 12 person tent!

Coming up, we’re going to show you 10 of our favorite 12 person tents. We’ve kept our reviews nice and brief, they won’t be a chore to read. You are very likely to find your next 12 person tent in there.

Then we’re going to follow that up with a brief buying guide, and top that off with a section where we answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Here goes!


This tent has made the bestseller lists with online retailers, so we were sure to check it out.

What we love about this tent is the built-in light. No more fumbling around for a flashlight when you need to find something.

Moreover, this built-in light has 3 different settings including a special nightlight mode.

But that’s not all, in good weather you can remove the rainfly on the ceiling for stargazing!

It’s super quick to set up because the poles are pre-attached to the tent. You just unpack, unfold, and extend the legs.

It’s also weatherproof and is water repellent rather than merely water-resistant.

If you decide to buy this one via the Amazon page, please be careful to select the 12 person version.


  • Bestseller
  • Built-in light
  • Good for stargazing
  • Quick and easy to set up


  • There have been complaints about the battery box for the lights


This particular tent has earned the title of Amazon’s choice for 12 person tents.

This is a title that is only given to products that are both top quality and are also available at a fair and reasonable price. And we really agree with this status.

But that’s not all there is to love about it.

Firstly, it’s super easy to set up, because the poles are pre-attached to the tent. You just unpack, unfold, and extend the legs, before securing them.

Then there are the A/C ports so you can have electricity in the tent! And you can hang a light on the tent’s ceiling.

Then there’s the removable rainfly, so you can spend your evening gazing at the stars together.

Not to mention the two room dividers which can provide all the privacy you want when you need it.

There are 3 color options, light grey, stone grey, and wine.


  • Quick and easy set up
  • Really good price point
  • Great for stargazing
  • 2 room dividers
  • Electricity ports


  • The zipper can sometimes get caught


For such a large tent this is excellent value for money.

But what we really love about it is the included room divider, which can give your campers a little privacy when they need it.

It has a high center height of 86 inches and can accommodate 3 queen size air beds, so you get that bit more luxury and don’t have to make do with having your sleeping bag on the hard ground.

We love that you can remove the rainfly for late-night stargazing! And it’s weatherproof and moreover, it’s water repellent rather than merely water-resistant.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Excellent size and height
  • Room divider for privacy
  • Great for stargazing


  • Some customers complained that the tent lets too much light in when they’re still trying to sleep


There’s a lot to love about this tent.

First off, it’s super easy to set up, because the poles are pre-attached to the tent. You just unpack, unfold, and extend the legs, before securing them.

Then there are the A/C ports so you can have electricity in the tent!

Thirdly, we love just how effectively the tent shuts out harmful UV rays, keeping the tent both dark and cool in the summer weather.

And finally, the fabric is very tough and thick,150 denier, which is why this tent costs a little more than some of the other ones we’re showing you.


  • Quick and easy set-up
  • A/C ports present
  • Dark and cool
  • Tough fabric


  • This is quite an expensive tent, however, it is possible to pay in installments if you go through the Amazon Rewards Visa Card


This is a good pick for those who are particularly budget-conscious. It’s certainly one of the cheapest of our top ten.

Despite its heavy-duty rainfly, the tent is very lightweight for easy transport. And the rainfly can be removed to reveal a mesh net for late-night stargazing.

It’s sufficiently weatherproof for use through 3 entire seasons, spring, summer, and fall, thanks to the poly taffeta material with its water-resistant coating, and the leakproof seams.

It also offers excellent ventilation for those hot summer months.


  • Very affordable price
  • Great for stargazing
  • Very lightweight


  • Quite small for a 12 person tent


We love the size of this tent! It can fit a total of 4 queen size air beds inside and has a high center height of 84 inches.

We also love how you can use it for stargazing, just by removing the rain fly.

Then there’s also the 2 attachable room dividers so campers can have some privacy when they’re getting dressed.

It also features an internal storage area, which is great when you need to keep certain items off the floor.


  • Fits 4 queen air beds
  • Great for stargazing
  • Internal storage area
  • 2 room dividers


  • Some customers say they’d have preferred hinged doors


What we love about this tent, besides the large size, is that there is a room divider you can put into place at the center of the tent.

Moreover, there’s also a side entrance, which means you can come and go from one side of the tent without ever disturbing the privacy of those on the other side of the divider.

It’s large enough to fit three queen size beds and has a center height of 80 inches.

We love how quick and easy it is to set up. The poles are pre-attached to the tent, so all you have to do is just unpack, unfold, and extend the legs, before securing them. Couldn’t be quicker.

It’s a great tent for stargazing too because you can remove the rain fly to reveal a mesh ceiling.

We also love the advanced venting system which draws in cool air from the ground, while the mesh ceiling allows hot air to escape.


  • Room divider
  • Great for stargazing
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Advanced venting system


  • Some customers reported problems with the zippers


The stand out feature of this tent is the L-shape, which enables you to organize the tent into 3 separate rooms.

And with the room dividers in place, and windows closed, you get guaranteed privacy in all three rooms.

Better yet, you don’t have to head to the tent’s center just to stand up - it’s tall enough that you can stand in all areas of the tent.

It’s also large enough to accommodate 3 queen size air beds.

We love that there are ports for A/C, it means you get electricity in the tent and can use and charge your devices.

Its ventilation system is also pretty good. There’s an oversized ground vent that also fits an air conditioner.


  • 3 separate rooms
  • Stand anywhere
  • A/C ports
  • Aircon


  • Some customers have had teething troubles with it, but nothing serious


Here’s another great tent. It’s quick and easy to set up, thanks to the poles being pre-attached to the tent.

This means all you have to do is just unpack, unfold, and extend the legs, before securing them. 

The tent can be separated into 3 different rooms, which is thanks to the 2 room dividers.

Plus each room has its own entrance, and all the windows are closeable, so privacy is basically guaranteed. 

People can come and go without having to disturb you when you’re getting dressed.

It’s big enough to fit 3 queen size air beds and has a center height of 76 inches which isn’t too bad.

And if you’re not using the screen room as a bedroom it makes for a nice bug-free front porch.

We also like how well this tent stands up to rainfall, which is thanks to its factory sealed leak-free seams.

And we like the large windows, great for simply enjoying the view.


  • Fits 3 queen size air beds
  • 2 room dividers included
  • Screen room


  • It costs more than we’d like, that’s due to the additional fabric and poles required for the screen room


Now, if it’s a bargain you’re after, then this could be the one for you! It’s by far the cheapest in our top 10 picks.

It’s a fun shape too - looks just like a teepee!

But despite it’s small looking appearance, we can confirm that it can sleep up to 12 people at a time. And it could even fit them on 4 queen size air beds.

It will shield you from the weather. Not only is the fabric water-resistant, but the shape helps the rain to slide right off.

It’s well ventilated too, thanks to the 4 windows, multiple floor vents, and the mesh in the roof panel.


  • Bargain price
  • Looks just like a teepee
  • Fits 4 queen size air beds
  • Protection from rain
  • Well ventilated


  • Because of the teepee shape, it’s not well suited for standing up in, it just functions as a cheap place to catch some sleep

Best 12 Person Tent Buying Guide

As promised, here’s your brief buying guide!

Here are the key things to think about before you buy.


The whole point of a tent is to shelter the gang from the weather.

That means not only should it be waterproof, but it should also not let any water in at the joins.

It should also protect you from cold winds, and therefore needs to close up completely.

And not forgetting, shelter from the sun’s UV rays is also important.

Quick and Easy to Set-up

If you’re on holiday with a big group of people, then you will have plenty of hands to help you put the tent up.

However, even so, it’s nice to have a tent that you can put up quickly if you find yourself in bad weather.

By far the easiest tents to set up are ones where the tent’s material is already attached to the poles, and there’s no threading through to worry about.

Room Dividers

When there are so many of you, privacy can be hard to come by, but it can be organized.

Many of the tents in our top 10 picks feature a divider, so family or friends can get changed comfortably without being seen.

Several of the tents in our top 10 picks even have two room dividers, creating 3 private areas. 

Removable Rain Fly

If like many, you like to enjoy a starry night sky, you might want to consider investing in a tent with a removable rain fly so you can watch the stars in the shelter of the tent.


Most of the tents in our 10 picks have this feature.

A/C Ports

If you’re on a camping site that offers electricity to its campers, then it’s nice to have an A/C port in your tent. There really is no limit to what you could use it for.

But we’ll suspect you’ll want to use it for charging up gadgets. Several of the tents in our 10 picks have this feature.


Ventilation is another thing you might want to think about.

It’s a nice feature in the summer months when the sun is beating down.


12 person tents can vary in cost. Some are available for less than $200, while others cost more than $500.

We suggest that as you shop around, you check out the prices as you go along. We believe that all the 12 person tents in our top 10 picks all offer good value for money.

If you’re particularly budget-conscious, then our cheapest 12 person tent is our number 10 pick, the Tahoe Gear Bighorn XL.

Or perhaps our number 4 pick, the Outbound Dome Tent

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 12 person tent?

This is a tough one, but we would say that our number 1 pick is the best, the Core 12 Person Lighted Instant Cabin Tent.

Unlike all the other 12 person tents in our top 10 picks, it features an adjustable built-in light.

And it’s a great tent for stargazing, thanks to the mesh layer revealed when you remove the rain fly. Not to mention how quick and easy it is to put up.

And this is followed very closely by our number 2 pick, the CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent.

We love this one because it features 2 room dividers, so you could have Mum and Dad in one room, girls in a second room, and boys in a third. Perfect.

But that’s not all, it also has A/C ports to run electricity, a removable rain fly for stargazing, and it’s super quick and easy to set up to boot!

What is the biggest size tent you can buy?

Although 12 person tents are amongst the biggest you can get, you may be interested to hear that you can get that are even bigger, such as those designed to sleep 16 people. But if you are looking for something even bigger, check out our guide and discover the best teepee tent.

As a general rule, for optimum comfort, it’s best to look at tents designed to sleep two more people than you have with you.

Who makes the best quality camping tents?

When it comes to top-quality 12 person tents our favorite brand has to be Core, as you may have already guessed if you’ve been paying attention.

We included several tents from this brand in our top 10 picks.

And picking a second favorite brand is easy for us too - we like Bushnell.

How many queen size air beds can you fit in a 12 person tent?

You can usually fit at least 3 queen size air beds in a tent for 12 people. But sometimes you can fit 4.

If this is of interest to you we can recommend our number 2 pick, the Bushnell Sport Series, or our number 10 pick, the Tahoe Gear Bighorn XL.

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