Best 8 Person Tent

Heading out on a camping trip with your family?

Ensuring everyone has plenty of room to stretch out and get a good night’s sleep, as well as being protected from the elements, is imperative for a successful adventure.

Knowing what to look for can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the requirements for a good quality tent.

That’s why we’re here with ten of the best options on the market right now, handpicked by us for your perusal.

There’s also a handy Buyer’s Guide with more information on specifics, and a set of Frequently Asked Questions right there at the end, just in case you need any more help.

Good luck and have fun!

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Coleman 8-Person Montana Tent for Camping

As one of the most reputable tent manufacturers around, we’d be remiss not to include any from Coleman.

It just so happens that their Montana eight person tent is our favorite, and at this price, will probably be yours too!

Available in blue, green or black, this polyester number is completely waterproof and conventionally pitched.

Ready to go in around fifteen minutes, the 16 x 7ft interior is roomy and offers plenty of space for eight of you to sleep soundly.

Additional weatherproofing, including welded corners and inverted seams, ensure that there’s no way any pesky water can infiltrate; plus, the rainfly provided free of charge is an additional barrier between your family and the elements.



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Hikergarden Campros 8 Person Camping Tent

From the self declared Camp Pros comes another excellent offering on an 8 person tent, in an incredibly attractive red design, made from 185T polyester and a 1000mm polyurethane high tech coating that’s guaranteed water resistant.

Weighing only 17.4lbs, it’s incredibly easy to transport, with all of the accessories required to assemble – including 14 fixed stakes, 6 guylines, a carry bag and rainfly – provided as standard. A perfect gift for newbie campers.

With plenty of room for eight people, there’s even a curtain that’s suitable for projecting movies onto at night – if you’re heading out on a family trip and have a smartphone, you can adapt it for your very own in-tent theater. 



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Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

With an inverted T style door and inside flap zippered windows, the convertible screen rooms of the Klondike tent from Wenzel are as comfortable as your own house, or at least have all of the same options for ventilation!

Made from polyester with a polyurethane coating, it’s certainly able to stand up to the elements; the superior craftsmanship of double-stitched and lap-felled seam offer a shingle effect, repelling water, with zippers, webbing and threads also treated.

Plenty of living space, with a peak height of 6.5 feet, even your tallest family members will be able to stand up straight!

Plus, thanks to the mesh walls of the entry room, you can either keep it zipped for a breeze or create two separate rooms!



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Outbound 8 Person Dome Tent For Camping

Boasting Outbound’s EASY UP fiberglass technology, this 8 person tent has a durable framing system that makes for a super-fast set up, in spite of its more spacious size. This is a more than dependable option for family trips!

Made from 185T, 69D Poly Taffeta, with a 600mm water-resistant coating, you’ll be safe and secure inside this snug tent; plus, with welded, leak proof seams, a polyester bathtub floor and 600mm coated, canopied rainfly, you’re fully protected.

Though only 17lb, and easily transported in the provided duffle bag, this lightweight tent is a sturdy contender, with its D-shaped door and built in zip windows.

There’s even a mesh wall for ventilation and two interior storage pockets for safekeeping.



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UNP 8 Person Family Tent, Two Rooms

Promising to be assembled in five minutes or less, this family tent from UNP is a vivid sky blue and incredibly easy to spot in a field. 

Spacious, wind and waterproof, you’ll be relaxing with a cold one in much less time than with usual tents.

Each one is constructed from weather-resistant polyester, coated in a 1000mm waterproof coating; paired with nylon mesh and reinforced polymer composite poles, they’ll have no problem standing up to wind and rain.

Thanks to a large mesh door, five mesh windows and a mesh top, you’ll stay plenty ventilated and keep the bugs out at the same time, even on the warmest night.

Plus, ample interior space (at least three queen mattresses) and a privacy divider.



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OT QOMOTOP 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Funky in green or blue, this instant 60 second assembly tent from QOMOTOP accommodates 8 people and can be set up by just one person, so it’s a great choice if your trip only has a couple of adults and a whole heap of kids.

A spacious 13 x 9 feet interior has a 6 foot 6 center height, allowing for the taller campers among you to fully stand up without banging their heads.

Plus, there’s an electrical cord port for hooking yourself up to the camp’s grid.

With PU taping, welded corners and a PE tube floor, plus an additional rainfly provided as standard.

There’s even an upgraded mesh roof and ground vent system, offering superior ventilation when paired with standard tent offerings.



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Coleman 8-Person Instant Family Tent

Sizeable at 14 x 10 feet, with room for four queen size airbeds, the polyguard 2x double thick fabric of this Coleman tent will keep you more than protected.

It’s rugged enough to withstand any outdoor rigor, whatever the season. 

Equipped with Weathertec features including a tub floor with welded corners, covered zippers, protected seams and an integrated rainfly, this is an excellent selection if you’re heading out in especially rainy weather.

Pre-attached poles mean that setup is practically instant, taking only 60 seconds to put together; even if you’re the only adult around, you’ll have everything ready to go in no time, without any mess or fuss.



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Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

From Browning’s popular Big Horn series comes this two room, free-standing tent; extra tall, with straight side walls to provide more cots, airbeds, sleeping bags and all of your camping gear, you’ve got more than enough space to stretch out.

Free standing and built to last, with fiberglass poles and steel uprights for added strength, the unique hub design of this tent allows for a one-person set up (though it’s probably easier with two, manufacturers suggest).

With a 75D 185T Polyester fly, 150D oxford floor (and 2000mm waterproof coating) and even factory sealed seams, there’s no way that water is getting inside this tent, even in the heaviest and most stressful of storms.



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Lovinouse Upgraded 5-8 Person Pop Up Camping Tent

One of the more affordable options we’ve provided, this Lovinouse tent is made for 5-8 people, so it might be a bit of a squeeze if you’re hitting the max but there’s still going to be enough space for everybody. Ideal for campers on a budget!

Composed of 210D Oxford cloth, this pop up tent assembles in a matter of seconds, eliminating any need for labor and allowing even kids to put this up without any trouble.

Double doors and windows with high density mesh circulate plenty of air.

The accessories provided are light and strong, with fiberglass frame poles, metal stakes and windproof ropes.

You’ll be able to securely tie this bad boy down to resist even the harshest wind and rain, given its impressive double layer design.



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EchoSmile Camping Instant 8 Person Pop Up Tent

Last but definitely not least, we have EchoSmile’s take on the instant tent, which can be popped up in just ten seconds.

Simply take it out of the package, unstrap and toss into the air for immediate assembly and very little effort.

With fiberglass tent poles, heavy duty steel protection tubes and a spacious interior, it’s everything you need to take the whole family camping, hassle free.

Doors and windows can be tied down for ventilation and improved circulation.

As a sturdy, water and wind resistant cabin tent, it’s suitable for use in Summer, Autumn and Spring, but should not be used in extreme weather conditions or heavy rain, as clearly stated by the manufacturer.

Don’t say they didn’t warn you!



Best 8 Person Tent Buying Guide

In order to get the perfect tent for the camping trip of your dreams, there are quite a few features you ought to consider:


Depending on the time of year and where you live, the sort of weather you should be expecting will be different each time.

Therefore: get a tent that can withstand all nature has to throw at you. Wind, rain, snow, hail… you want to be safely covered!

Likewise, if you’re heading out to hotter climates, you might want to invest in a more ventilated tent with plenty of circulation and perhaps built in screened windows (to keep out bugs) for added comfort during the night.

Ease of Pitching

Unless you’re a camping veteran, you’re going to want a tent that’s easy enough to assemble and won’t take hours.

There’s nothing worse than showing up at the campsite ready to settle down and taking forever to get your abode ready!

For the amateur outdoor explorers among us, you’ll probably be better off with a pop up tent.

Minus a lot of the work and nailing down of a standard model, these bad boys are up and ready for snoozing within moments. 


If you’re looking to go camping on a regular basis, being able to survive the weather isn’t good enough.

You want a tent that can stand up to some rough and tumble and consistent usage, that won’t let you down when you need it most.

Prioritize getting a model made from the most resilient, resistant material you can afford; ignore all the fancy bells and whistles that other tents have to offer, and focus on what’s really important. Staying dry!


Yes, 8 man tents are going to be pretty large, but how large is that exactly?

Many campsites have regulations regarding how big your tent is allowed to be, or specific land zones that you aren’t allowed to exceed. Shop sensibly!

In the same vein, consider if an 8 man tent will be the right size in general: too large or too little and you’ll end up regretting your choice.

Either you’ll all be miserable and squashed, or it’ll take far too long to assemble and take down again. Not fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the largest tent you can buy?

According to our research, bar picking up a marquee, the largest camping tents available are suitable for 20 men, which is the equivalent of at least two large families, capacity-wise. That’s a pretty big tent! But if you are looking for something even bigger, check out our guide and discover the best 10 person tent.

Which are the easiest tents to set up?

As we’ve pointed out above, your best bet for an easy life is to pick out a pop up tent, as these are literally erected in a matter of seconds, just by unfolding or unfastening. Ideal for those who don’t like getting their hands dirty!

However, it’s also possible to get tents that aren’t quite instantly assembled, but not as tricky to set up as traditional models.

Aim for those that are presented as ‘easy up’ or ‘instant tents’ for the easiest time!

Will a queen air mattress fit in a tent?

That depends on the size of the tent!

If you have one that’s at least eight or nine feet in length then you should have enough room, but it will likely take up pretty much all of the floor space. 

A four man tent is probably just about big enough for you.

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