Best Cabin Tents for Your Outdoor Adventures

Love the outdoors and being at one with nature? Think camping is fun? If you’ve answered yes to both questions, then you’ve probably already heard of cabin tents. In case you haven’t, well, they are great for sleeping in after basking in the great outdoors. The best cabin tents usually have ceilings that are high enough for you to be able to stand and walk around inside without hitting your head on the roof.

Cabin tents are also big and sturdy that most of the time, even strong winds can’t topple them, and they’re spacious enough for more than two to sleep in—a huge plus if you’re bringing family with you. Some of the best cabin tents can be set up in just a few minutes with little to no instructions needed and only one person can do it.

To help our fellow nature lovers, we searched the web for three cabin tents we think you should consider. We’ve reviewed each in detail to help you decide which would suit your needs the most.

Best Cabin Tents: Our Top Picks

The three cabin tents we have chosen to review below are all easy to setup and can be used by experienced and beginner campers alike.

Ozark Trail Three-Room Instant Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail is a brand that is known for their quality outdoor equipment and footwear.


  • Measures 16 x 16 feet when set up, 14.17 x 52.36 x 12.6 inches when packed
  • Integrated with wall pockets and seven windows
  • Can fit up to three queen airbeds or 12 sleeping bags
  • Has an oversized ground vent
  • Comes with a rainfly
  • Made of waterproof material
  • Pre-assembled frame


  • Lots of Room

The cabin tent contains three nicely-sized rooms that are spacious enough to provide you a comfortable sleeping arrangement and ample storage. The ceiling is also quite high that even a six-footer would have no trouble walking around.

  • Excellent Quality

The Ozark Trail cabin tent can withstand severe thunderstorms with nary a drop of water leaking and getting inside. It can also face strong winds without moving or poles getting bent.

  • Well-ventilated

The Ozark Trail’s windows can be opened for you to enjoy the scenery outside or to keep you cool on a hot eve. The windows can also be closed during rain or thunderstorms to keep the water from getting in the tent.

  • Enough Storage for Small Items

The cabin tent’s pockets in the sides of the room separators can be used to keep your keys, phones, flashlights, and other accessories.


  • Flimsy Floors

While the rest of the cabin tent is quite sturdy, the floor is not so much. They can tear quite easily and leak.

  • Center Pole is Too Short

The center pole of the cabin tent rests about five inches off the ground. Staking it down will only put a lot of stress on the pole and bend it. You would have to buy one-foot-long stakes separately to ensure your tent is properly tied down.

  • Non-Removable Room Separators

The door separating the three rooms from each other can’t be fully removed or zipped down all the way. It leaves about six inches of material up, and this may cause people to trip.

Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Cabin Tent

Coleman is a popular brand that manufactures different types of products that can be used for traveling and outdoor activities.


  • Measures 13 x 34.5 x 11.5 inches when packed and 13 x 19 feet when set up
  • Equipped with a WeatherTec system
  • Welded floors
  • Inverted seams
  • Integrated with a closet that has shelves and a hanger bar
  • Can sleep up to eight people
  • Includes a rainfly


  • Highly Waterproof

Owing to Coleman’s WeatherTec system, this cabin can withstand heavy thunderstorms. The flooring uses a welding-inspired technology which eliminates needle holes while strengthening the floors.

  • Spacious

The cabin tent features a lot of space for campers to be able to sleep and move around comfortably. It can fit in a queen-sized air mattress, a pack and play, a cot for little ones, and even a dog bed all at the same time. The ceiling is also quite high that a tall person can conveniently walk with ample room to spare.

  • A Lot of Bonus Features

The tent includes a lot of bonus features such as ports for extension cords, ceiling light hooks, multiple pockets for accessories, and the storage closet that makes it easy to hang and organize your stuff.

  • Rigid Door System

The tent has a nice door system that will swing shut behind you, so there is no need to keep zipping and unzipping the door every time you need to go through.


  • Poor Quality Tent Zipper

The zipper on this Coleman tent easily breaks. It can also get stuck quite a lot which might break the tent’s fabric.

  • Pole is Too Weak

The poles seem to be made of not very durable material since they break quite easily. A 25 mph wind can break the poles which, in turn, can puncture the tent.

Core Nine-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Core Equipment is another company that offers different products that are specially made for outdoor activities.


  • Measures 14 x 9 feet when fully set up and 11 x 48 x 10.5 inches when packed
  • Uses the Core H20 Block Technology for superior waterproofing
  • Sleeps up to nine people
  • Has a ceiling height of 6’6″
  • Pre-attached telescoping poles
  • Ceiling is made of mesh material


  • Good Ventilation

There is no problem with the circulation of air inside this tent. It has air intake vents on the ground that can be adjusted which allow cool air to enter while the ceiling allows hot air to escape.

  • Waterproof

The ceiling of this tent is made of mesh, but it comes with a rainfly to cover it during bad weather. The rainfly goes over the tent easily, and the heat-sealed seams of the tent keep the water outside.

  • Spacious

This tent can accommodate up to ten adults in sleeping bags or nine with luggage included. It’s also tall enough that even six-footers don’t have to crouch when moving around inside.


  • Does Not Retain Much Heat

Due to its large size, the tent does not retain heat well. This could pose a problem for users during colder seasons.

The Bottomline

Honestly speaking, we like all three tents, and we think you should consider them for your next camping trip. However, this review would not be complete if we would not inform you which one we believe is the most functional and high-performing of all.

Basing on our experience with these three tents, we highly recommend the one by Core Equipment. It might not be as large as the Ozark Trail or priced as low as the Coleman tent, but its quality is top-notch. Bad weather is no deterrent as the cabin tent has been designed to withstand heavy storms and strong winds while you stay safe and dry inside.

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