Best Hiking Tent: Choosing Your Home Away from Home

Got a camping trip coming up? Are you going with your kids or just a few of your buddies? Either way, you would need to invest in the best hiking tent that is not only roomy but also comfortable to sleep in. Lucky for you, we’ve got that covered.

Here, we have three of the best ones currently available on the market, and we’ll take a close look at each one to help you find the tent that suits your needs. In fact, we are not only going to base it on how big or roomy it is. Instead, we are also going to look at the convenience of setting it up and check if the space inside is properly utilized for your hiking needs. After all, who needs a huge tent when it has nothing special inside, right?

In certain cases, having a huge tent can actually be a plus, especially if camping in groups and you wish to pack light. One huge tent can fit an entire group, allowing you to devote more packing space for other camping gear. A huge tent can also mean that you have stronger protection against wind and rain.

With that said, are you ready to find out if the tent you have been looking for is in this list? Then, read on!

Best Hiking Tent: Top Three Contenders

If you have been looking for a tent for a long time, then you know how challenging finding the perfect one can be. There’s just too many to choose from. To help you out, we will be comparing three of the best hiking tents based on their features as well as the advantages and disadvantages that come with using them.

The TNH Outdoors Camping & Backpacking Tent

First off, we have the camping and backpacking tent from TNH Outdoors. This tent measures 4.2 by 7.2 by 4.2 feet, which is just right to accommodate two adults and, possibly, one small child. Not only does this tent give you a taste of home, but can also be your way to show your love for the environment.

What do we mean? Well, this tent is made from eco-friendly, breathable, and waterproof materials, making it the ideal choice for nature lovers. It comes equipped with a window to allow for better air ventilation. Moreover, it also comes with a carrying bag for easy storage and transport.

Whether you’re new or have been camping for years, this tent will prove to be very hassle-free to set up. It has a single aluminum pole structure that won’t take you more than a few minutes to assemble and take down. Aside from being compact, it is also lightweight at only 4.6 pounds.

The stakes included in the package are made of aluminum, which means it is not only durable but also light. As an added feature, it comes with a reflective rope as well, allowing you to see the outline of the tent during the night. Lastly, it comes with a lifetime warranty too!



The River Country Products Trekking Pole Tent

Next on our list is yet another camping tent that can accommodate two people—the Trekking Pole Tent designed and manufactured by River Country Products. This tent measures 7 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 42 inches high. While two people can fit comfortably inside, there won’t be any space left for their gear. Therefore, this tent is only recommended for one person.

If you are wondering why it is called a trekking pole tent, it is because it requires the use of trekking poles to be set up. Unfortunately, they do not come with the package. However, you can use any stick that is at least 42 inches tall. What it comes with, though, are eight metal stakes, which guarantee that the tent stays in place even during harsh winds.



The Campla Camping Tent

Moving on to the last tent on our list, we have a camping tent from Campla. If you are on the lookout for a tent that can comfortably accommodate two to persons, then this is the one for you. In fact, you can push it to five people but only if the fifth person is a small child.

Regardless if you plan on camping during the summer or cold months, this tent has got you covered. It is made from a polyester material that is anti-wear, windproof, and waterproof. For ventilation, it is designed with partial mesh doors and top as well as triangular windows that can be propped up to let the air and sunshine in.

What makes this camping tent stand out, though, is the LED USB light strip that it comes with. This can be powered on by a small portable power bank, eliminating the need to bring a separate lamp. Lastly, it also comes with its own carrying bag, poles, wind rope, and stakes.



The Verdict

So, which tent do you think is the best one? If you ask us, we’d gladly put our money on the Campla Camping Tent. Aside from its obvious advantage in terms of space, this tent is also very easy to set up and take down, making it the perfect choice for beginners and experienced campers alike.

Moreover, it also has lots of windows to let fresh air and sunlight in. The light strip that it comes with is also very useful. To top it all off, this tent is also not prone to wear and tear, waterproof, and windproof! This means that you can use it any time of the year.

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