Best Teepee Tent

Teepees are traditionally associated with Native Americans but have now become a very popular choice of tent for camping, festivals, and even weddings.

Teepees offer more height than traditional tents and are a unique alternative to accommodate your family and friends on your camping trips. 

Our Best Teepee Tent article will help you find out what you need to know before buying your next teepee and we’ve even selected 10 of the best teepees on the market right now so you can find the right one that suits your needs.

Ready to set off camping?

We know people want the best of the best, so we’re cutting to the chase and bringing you our top choice for the best teepee tent.

It’s the Vidalido 5-6 Person 4-season teepee tent and here are a few reasons why we know you’ll love it.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Two tents in one
  • Lightweight
  • Weatherproof
  • Fits 5-6 people
  • Decorative accessories included
  • Keep bugs out

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Vidalido 5-6 Person 4-Season Teepee Tent

The Vidalido teepee tent is the top choice for family camping trips and can fit up to six people inside comfortably.

The conical appearance offers great height and non-restrictive use, so you’ll be able to move around and even change clothes without having to hunch your back.

The tent can be divided into two tents, the opaque external layer and also the sheer Indian dome.

The external layer could be used as a designated changing room or toilet whilst the sheer dome will be used for sleeping arrangements.

The teepee offers great ventilation and will make sure there’s plenty of airflow whilst still keeping pesky bugs out. 

The tent is made from high-quality anti-tear materials and also constructed with anti-rust reinforced steel poles for sturdy structural support and long-lasting performance no matter what the season.

Despite its size, the Vidalido is very lightweight and won’t be a burden to carry along with your other camping essentials. It’s easy to set up and take down and comes with a carry bag to store everything in.

The top of the teepee features a hook where you can attach your own camping light and there is also a built-in storage compartment in the walls so you can safely store your valuables.

You’ll even get some bonus multicolored decorations included in the price to put around your camping area and stand out from everyone else on your camping site.



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BaiYouDa 3-4 Person Family Camping Teepee Tent

The BaiYouDa is a great 3-4 person tent that’s well suited for camping in the wilderness as it’s khaki or tan material will help you blend in well with the environment.

Whilst the tent says it can hold up to 4 people, we’d recommend only accommodating 3 as you’ll need to take camping gear into consideration to remain comfortable inside.

The teepee comes with a top cover for the roof and also an outer rainfly covering the whole construction for complete protection from the rain and elements

The BaiYouDa poses a mesh vent and ventilation window to increase airflow in the hotter months whilst creating a protective barrier against mosquitos. 

The tent is easy to assemble and can be done so in under 10 minutes. Once assembled, it has good stability and feels secure with the metal poles and over 20 stakes. The tent will be able to withstand harsh winds without budging.

When the tent and poles are packed back into the carry bag, it is quite weighty in comparison to other teepee tents, so it’ll need to be something you consider before embarking on a hiking/camping trip.



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OneTigris Iron Wall Stove Tent with Inner Mesh

The OneTigris Stove Teepee tent is by all means, not the tallest of options on our list but is highly recommended for a duo camping trip where you want to bring a stove with you.

However, if you do want to bring a stove with you, you’ll need to order a separate stove jack as there is not one included.

The tent features windows to increase airflow during hot weather but also to keep the tent ventilated whilst the stove is burning inside. The mesh interior will also make sure bugs are kept out at all times.

The teepee markets itself as one for more experienced campers who don’t mind rougher conditions. It doesn’t come with flooring, so you’ll need to use your own or buy an additional one.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind sleeping on the bare terrain you can do so.

The quality nylon material offers good rain and wind protection along with snag-free zipper pulls to make sure no water comes in at all.

The construction is very durable but also lightweight enough to carry on hiking trips.

The OneTigris is not suitable for big family camping trips unless you plan on buying more than one tent to accommodate everyone.

The interior space is enough for two people plus the stove and will excel at providing the perfect retreat for those wanting to experience the true camping experience.



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DANCHEL OUTDOOR Backpacking Lightweight Teepee

The Danchel teepee stands at a whopping 8ft tall and will sleep 4-6 people inside depending on how spaced out you want everyone to be, so is a match made in heaven for big camping trips with all your family and friends.

You’ll even be able to comfortably fit some blow-up air beds inside if sleeping on the ground is not your thing.

It’s well ventilated with 3 ventilation windows, 2 ventilation holes, and one big doorway to offer maximum airflow if camping in hot climates.

As well as being a good option for summer camping, it also serves well during heavy rainfall and strong winds and will keep you perfectly dry inside.

The center pole will remain in place no matter what the weather does, so you won’t have to worry about it falling down in the middle of the night.

The tent can be pitched in under twenty minutes and can be done by just one person if necessary.

It comes with easy to understand pitching instructions if you’re new to sleeping outdoors. 

You’d think for its size, the teepee would be very heavy to carry but think again, it only weighs 25lbs and is manageable when you have to carry all your luggage to your site.



Dream House Three-Season Cotton Canvas Camping Teepee Tent for 2~3 Person

The Dream House tent definitely aligns with the typical aesthetic of a Native American teepee.

It has a square base that can comfortably sleep 2-3 people inside, depending on how cozy you like to be on your tips. Unlike the typical teepee, this one does not feature a center pole which increases the floor space inside. 

There are 4 ventilation holes at the crown of the teepee, which will improve airflow during those hot nights.

The cover has a waterproof PU coating which will protect you from light rain. The teepee is recommended for use in fine weather and not advised for use in harsh weather conditions. 

It has two doorways that can open either side which makes it great for ventilation during the day but also for easy access when relaxing in and around your teepee.

The canvas can be hooked to the sides to let sunlight through the mesh doorway if you don’t want it completely covered.

The Dream House canvas teepee would be perfect for camping in your backyard, in guaranteed fine conditions on a camping trip, or used as a shading retreat in your backyard throughout the hot summer days. 



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Tahoe Gear Bighorn XL 18′ x 18′ 12 Person Teepee

The Tahoe Gear Bighorn teepee offers a large area of over 20 square meters and claims to have a capacity of up to 12 people.

It works well to sleep up to 8 people if everyone wants to keep their camping gear inside the tent with them as well.

If you are just using the tent to fit people and sleeping bags then you’ll be able to fill the capacity.

There is not a stove jack incorporated into the fabric but many customers have sewn in their own hole for a stove jack so it will be possible if you want to cook inside your tent.

There are 4 air vents near the floor of the tent to ensure good airflow near the heads of those sleeping, there is also one top vent included as well.

It has 2 doors and 4 PVC windows to accommodate your large party inside, so you won’t have to climb over everyone if you want to enter or leave the tent. 

The tent features weatherproofed windows, a waterproof floor that will prevent leaking and the fabric is also weather-resistant to ensure you’ll stay dry even during the heaviest downpours.

The tent is not the best option for those who want to go backpacking unless you have a member of your party who is strong and willing enough to carry it. It’s more marketed towards pitching after a short walk from your car.

If you’re not the tallest of people, reaching the top of the tent when assembling can prove difficult. 



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Playdo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Teepee Tent

The Playdo Cotton Canvas Teepee is often the style you see being used at wedding venues and festivals due to its versatility and traditional appearance.

You can get the tent in sizes 9.8ft through to 23ft, but we opted for the smallest one which is 9.8ft which can sleep two people easily.

The 23ft is perfect for larger parties and can fit up to 10 people to sleep inside at once.

You can roll up the walls of the tent during the day to maximize your airflow and allow for comfortable lounging.

There are also vents and windows at the top and bottom of the tent for good ventilation during the night.

The tent will withstand the weather of all four seasons but may require further securing with stronger stakes if there are very high winds on your trip.

The Playdo teepee comes with a built-in stove jack, so you’ll be able to bring along your stove and use it inside your tent. 

The tent comes with a power cable hole, so you’ll be able to connect any air conditioning unit or entertainment equipment you want to use inside.

The versatility of this tent will allow you to use it as a feature in your garden during the summer, or even for events for family and friends like birthday parties or BBQs, so you’re not just limited to camping trips.

Even the smallest size teepee weighs over 40lbs, so we’d recommend using a trolly to wheel this to your pitching zone. 



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TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent

The Teton Sports Sierra 12 Canvas tent is available in different sizes to sleep 10-16 people and is a good sturdy tent to accommodate all your friends and family.

The tent features an extra-wide door to move all your camping gear in and out of the tent easily and is great for leaving open during the day so people can come and go as they please.

The tent also has a removable flooring so you can use it as a canopy in your backyard 

during the summer but when attached to the rest of the tent it is completely leakproof and safe to go barefoot when inside.

It’s waterproof yet breathable with 4 ventilation air vents at the top of the tent to increase air circulation but covered by the cotton canvas cover which repels water to keep you dry.

Tiny leakages have occurred during extreme rainfall through the seams, but this is common and also needed so the fibers can swell then dry to be watertight.

It’s easy to set up with the simple two-pole assembly and can be done by only one person.

It would not be advised to use the tent for camping out on hiking trips as it is very heavy and a burden to carry for long periods.

The tent doesn’t come with a jack stove, but if you’re handy with needlework then you’ll be able to sew your own in.



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Hasika Teepee Camping Conical Tent

The penultimate teepee on our list is the polyester Hasika conical tent that can sleep 4 people inside.

The Hasika sports a double-layered design. You can use an external layer for shade awning during the hot summer days, especially good for letting children nap during the middle of the day.

If the weather is perfect, you could just use the mesh interior design to sleep in at night and get a good view of the stars before you go to sleep, you’ll also stay protected from the bugs outside as well. 

You can pin the outdoor layer of the door into the ground to create a covered front porch area, to keep your belongings or a small table and chairs outside whilst you relax in your tent.

The Hasika offers good ventilation through the large holes featured at the top of the design and also extra ventilation through the triangle door. 

When all of the design is attached and zipped up, the tent is fully enclosed and protected from all adverse weather.

However, with the lightweight and simple design of this tent comes lower quality stakes, so if you’re camping in high winds, you’ll want to buy stronger ones to keep your tent stable in the ground.

The tent will only take 10 minutes to set up and that’s considering even the most amateur campers out there. 



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Guide Gear 10′ x 10′ Teepee Tent

The 10×10 Guide Gear teepee tent is big enough to fit 2 people comfortably, but if you’re bringing lots of gear and equipment then it might be too much of a squeeze.

The center height comes in at 6ft, so you’ll be able to stand up and change clothes with ease.

The tent claims to be completely waterproof but we’d have to disagree as there have been some leakages during heavy rainfall.

You’d have to use a waterproof coating on the seams to prevent further water penetration. If you’re not willing to do so, then the Guide Gear tent will only render itself as a fair-weather teepee. 

However, it does offer good ventilation and has a bug mesh to stop any creepy crawlies from sneaking in unexpectedly.

There are air vents near the bottom of the tent where your head lies when you sleep to allow cool air to reach you.  

It’s made out of quality materials that can withstand moderate weather conditions but still manages to only weigh around 12lbs so makes it a perfect option to go hiking with.

The built-in guy-lines offer more support for the structure during high winds so your tent will stay in place. 

It’s small and compact design means you’ll be able to assemble this little tent within less than 10 minutes and has easy to read instructions to help you along the way. 



Best Teepee Tent Buying Guide


Before buying your new teepee, you’ll want to take into consideration how many people are you accommodating and how much stuff you’ll bring with you.

If you plan on bringing a lot of stuff and maybe some airbeds, you’ll want to find a tent that accommodates double the number of people that are coming. 

Larger tents tend to be on the heavier side, so if you’re going on a big camping trip then you’ll want to bring a trolley of some sort to carry everything you need to your pitch.


If you’re a newbie to camping, pitching a tent can be bewildering.

Smaller and more compact tents tend to be simpler to assemble whereas larger ones will take more time and energy.

All tents will come with instructions to help you put them together but you should try to assemble it in your backyard before embarking on your trip to make sure everything is ok.


There’s nothing worse than sleeping in a tent that offers no ventilation during the humid summer months.

Find a tent that has air vents at the top of the teepee and also at the bottom to boost air circulation and make your experience more comfortable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does rain get in a teepee tent?

Rain will only get in a teepee tent if it is not sealed properly at the seams or doesn’t offer full waterproof protection through the cover or rainfly. But if you are looking for something even bigger, check out our guide and discover the best 8 person tent.

Are teepee tents easier to put up than regular tents?

This would be subjective as it depends on what you are used to. Teepee tents are pretty simple as they normally just include the center pole and then securing it into the ground with stakes.

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