Camping With Your Girl Friends: Here’s What You Should Bring

The world becomes increasingly modern and digital by the year. With new technologies emerging at a rapid pace, there’s no wonder why game-changing discoveries and impactful innovations are being introduced! Indeed, there’s nothing like living in this day and age to experience the best that the brightest minds have to offer.

Although mankind hasn’t invented flying cars (yet), none can deny that almost everything is now possible. Magic may not exist, but society sure has gotten close! However, although living in the comfort and convenience that the newest tech brings undoubtedly makes life more enjoyable, none can deny the magic of nature.

Going Back to Humanity’s Roots

In this age of technological advancements, it can be incredibly easy to be engrossed by the small and big screens. The next thing you know, you’ve already spent hours, days, and weeks doing nothing but giving in to the countless sources of entertainment and instant gratification the internet provides.

Society is in the middle of a technological revolution, but many forget that man-made innovations alone won’t lead to a meaningful and long life. To survive and thrive today, it’s crucial to disconnect from the tech and reunite with your roots—nature!

The role of nature in mankind’s development is significant. From housing and transport to food production, there is certainly a lot to thank Mother Nature for. However, besides providing the means for survival, you may also strengthen your mind and body by being one with flora and fauna.

The Joys of Camping

Setting up a tent and spending a day or two in the wilderness may not sound elegant or comfortable, but you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll enjoy the experience once you try it! Sure, you could have safety and skin concerns when you go camping, but all it takes is careful planning to ensure an awesome camping experience.

Just imagine—you’re bonding with your girl friends in peace and quiet, away from the distractions of your phone’s notifications. The complete serenity you’ll feel once you’ve set up camp will truly be memorable and special for you and your loved ones.

Besides quality bonding time, you also get to challenge yourself physically. By gathering, preparing, and storing food and managing your shelter, you’d burn off a few calories. The more you’ll be able to work your muscles if you add swimming, fishing, or biking to your list of activities.

Top Camping Essentials

Of course, Mother Nature isn’t always kind—it can also be cruel to the careless and underprepared. The wilderness poses as much danger as delight, so you and your friends must gear up and get ready for the possible scenarios you may encounter during your camping trip.

Be sure to have the following camping basics so that you and your girl friends can have the time of your life in nature:

1. Tent

While it’s nice to gaze at the stars and spot the constellations, it will be less than fun to sleep outdoors without shelter. Nature can be ruthless especially at night—you never know what critters are waiting to bite you and keep you from sleeping through the night!

To prepare for any weather condition and to protect yourself, it’s recommended to have a tent in handy. Once you can no longer slumber in the outdoors, you’ll feel safe knowing that you have emergency shelter to keep you safe and warm.

Besides the tent itself, don’t forget to bring its accessories, such as the tent poles, stakes, rope, and a rain fly so that it stays firmly planted on the ground when you’re asleep.

2. Period Products

Having your period won’t stop you from doing the things you want! No matter how extreme the activity, you can perform it and have fun as long as you wear the necessary period product and keep your health in check.

Tampons are among the best menstrual products to wear, ensuring that you can bike, run, or swim while on period. If you want to opt for a more sustainable alternative, menstrual cups are also reliable products to use.

Just remember to bring a few extra period products with you, take note of the nearby bathrooms, and know when to change your tampon or menstrual cup.

3. Water Bottle

In the wilderness where you’re unsure whether or not there will be sufficient water supply, you have to stock up on fluids! The last thing you want is feeling dehydrated, unable to enjoy your campaign trip.

Make sure to carry enough water for one day and keep water purification tablets just in case you run out of H2O and have to refill from a nearby water source.

4. First Aid Kit

You never know what could happen while camping! Regardless of how prepared or experienced you or your friends are, there’s always a slight chance that any of you could get injured. 

Sure, cuts and scrapes aren’t life-threatening, but it never hurts to be safe. To be prepared for different types of injuries when camping, remember to include the following items in your first aid kit:

  • Adhesive
  • Gauze
  • Scissors
  • Soap
  • Emergency whistle
  • CPR mouth barrier
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent

5. Lights

You can never have too much light. Since a campfire can only be nice and bright for about six feet, you can’t rely on it when you need to find something in your tent or go to your car in the middle of the night.

To be prepared for any emergency, bring a portable, battery-powered light such as a headlamp, lantern, or flashlight.

Final Thoughts

Traveling in nature is a life-changing experience! Far from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, appreciating the luscious evergreen and breathing in the fresh air is sure to reinvigorate the spirit and make for an unforgettable time. As long as you have the camping essentials, you and your girl friends will have the time of your lives!

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