Can You Put A Tent On The Beach

You want to go camping and you want to go to the beach too…so how about camping on the beach? Whether you are planning a getaway with a special someone or enjoy a nice family trip, camping on the beach can be a lot of fun.

There are several types of beach tents available and the ‘pop up’ ones are easiest to use. They can be set up within minutes and you have a nice camp ready right on the beach.

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They not only protect you from the sun during peak hours and strong winds blowing the sand but also give you a certain level of privacy that can’t enjoy with an umbrella.

But, wait…can you put a tent on the beach? Is it allowed?

It is important to find out whether the beach you are planning to visit allows you to set up a tent, or else you will end up spoiling your beach day.

Most beaches will permit you to put up a beach tent or canopy during the day to protect yourself from the sun and strong wind. However, please bear in mind that some beaches have certain restrictions on camping and you should consider the high tide line when setting up your tent. In California, for example, the beach is public up to the mean high tide line, and above that, it can be private property.

In some beaches putting up a tent is considered illegal and you may have to face some serious consequences for that. The Virginia Beach for example allows only some specific styles of beach shades. While you are allowed to put a canopy or umbrella, you cannot set up an enclosed tent that has side walls.

So if you are heading for a beach vacation, we would suggest that you do a bit of research before buying a beach tent.

Check whether the state or city has any law regarding putting up a tent on the beach. Some state run beaches have their websites that include a list of dos and don’ts. Visit the website to find out what is allowed and what is considered illegal.

Another good way to find out whether or not you are allowed to put a tent on a particular beach is to ask locals in a forum. Post a question on Quora or any travel based forum and seek answers from locals or those who have camped on the beach before. They will be able to guide you with the best answers and suggestions.

If you want to go camping with your family on a beach, then it would not be a problem in most beaches as long as you do it during the day. However, if are enthusiastic about spending a night at the beach, watching the stars and listening to the waves as you sleep, then this might not be permitted. Hence, you need to check the beach rules to avoid falling into unwanted trouble.

Some state parks, like Leo Carrillo State Beach, allow camping and have designated campgrounds.

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Put a tent on the beach: Securely anchor it to stay safe!

Even if a beach allows you to put a tent, there might be certain area restrictions where you are not allowed to camp. So, if you like a particular spot make sure you ask the lifeguards or locals before setting up your tent in that place.

Most of the beach tents come with sand bags at the sides that are used as anchors to hold the canopy securely at place even when the wind is strong. To securely anchor your tent, it is important to determine the amount of weight needed based on the size of the tent. If a beach is too breezy, you may add some rocks along with sand to firmly hold the tent down.

Another good way to add weight to the sides is to add a little water to the sand. When the sand gets wet, it becomes heavier and it stays firmly secure to the ground. Loose sand can be unstable, so it is crucial to securely anchor your tent to prevent it from blowing away in unexpected winds.


After you have done your research and are convinced that the beach allows you to put a tent, go ahead and get the best beach tent available in the market. Some popular beaches like Santa Monica may have stricter regulations and might not be as accommodating for camping.

If you are travelling with your family, please ensure that you get the right size that can accommodate everyone. The kids won’t like to feel be crammed up inside a small tent. So, get a bigger size if you have two or more kids.

You must also ensure that the tent has ventilators at the sides and back to allow free flow of air. Get the one that comes with a nice water proof base where the kids can sit, play or take a nap when they are tired.

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