Camp With Us And Tell The Story

We know you love camping. The thoughts of the next campsite to visit or the gears you’ll use excite you.

How would you feel if your excitement also turns to your work? How would you love camping and telling the stories to help campers like yourself? Would you love to join us at Camp Shores?

If yes, we can’t wait to hear from you!

What We Look Forward To

Does any of those descriptions fit your profile? If so please visit our contact page and reach out.

Why You Should Work With Us

Do What You Love

At Camp Shores, you won’t be working in another stress-filled environment. Well, that’s if you love what we do.

If indeed you love camping and the details thereof, working with us is easy. Plus, it’s already what you love.

Community Of Like Minds

Here, we are people like you. We share the same feelings for our “dear campsite.” Also, we love helping people.

Such overlap of interest will undoubtedly spur you to excel. So apply now and let’s help each other!