Coleman Instant Cabin Product Review

Camping can be fun and exciting, but only if one has the right equipment. Fortunately, many products are available for outdoor lovers, mainly camping tents. However, not all shelters are created equal as some offer more benefits for campers. Thus, it is best to take the time to know the features of each product.

If you are on the lookout for the perfect camping tent, then you may want to consider the Coleman Instant Cabin. Its product maker, Coleman Company Inc., is an American manufacturer of outdoor recreation products that also specialize in camping gears. The company was founded in the early 1900s by William Coffin Coleman.

The Different Features of the Coleman Instant Cabin

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

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The Coleman Instant Cabin promises a quick and easy set-up without compromising the user’s safety.
Its product maker claims that this product can be set up in just one minute with its pre-attached poles where campers only need to unfold the tent, then extend and secure.

This dome-shaped tent also features the WeatherTec system that boasts of the patented corner welds along with the covered seams to keep water out, and thus protect users from getting wet. It also has the Dark Room Technology, which blocks roughly 90 percent of the sunlight to give campers a good sleep during daytime as well as reduce the temperature buildup by as much as 10 percent.

This instant cabin uses 150D polyester that has taped seams as well as rugged Polyguard that’s two times double-thick than ordinary fabric to make it more durable. It also has an integrated vented rainfly that aids in providing good circulation inside the shelter. The tent also boasts of integrated storage pockets for additional storage as well as an expandable carry bag for easy packing and carrying.

This tent can fit four people and has a center height of four feet and eleven inches. The shelter’s complete measurement is 96 by 84 by 59 inches, and it weighs 9.8 lbs.


  • Easy setup; takes less than a minute with its pre-attached poles
  • WeatherTec system that has patented corner welds and covered seams to keep water out
  • Dark Room technology that blocks 90 percent of sunlight and reduces temperature buildup by 10 percent
  • 150D polyester with Taped seams and rugged Polyguard for durability purposes
  • Integrated vented rainfly for good air circulation
  • Integrated storage pockets
  • Comes with expandable carrying case
  • Center height of seven feet


  • Leaks a lot
  • Needs a separate fly for better protection
  • Zipper breaks easily
  • Quite bulky and heavy


The Coleman Instant Cabin has many virtues. For one, this shelter is easy to set-up, thanks to its pre-attached poles. Users will only need a minute to assemble the entire tent. It also boasts of the WeatherTec system that has the patented corner welds and covered seams to keep users dry. Its Dark Room technology blocks around 90 percent of sunlight as well as reduce the temperature buildup by 10 percent.

The tent uses 150D polyester with taped seams along with rugged Polyguard to make it durable. It also has an integrated vented rainfly for air circulation as well as storage pockets to hold various items. The product comes with a carrying case that is also expandable.

This tent, however, suffers from significant flaws. For one, it cannot keep water out when it rains, and campers will need additional rainfly to avoid getting wet. The zipper also has durability issues. Plus, many campers find the tent heavy and bulky to carry around.


The Coleman Instant Cabin is not without any competitors. A good number of product makers are offering tents that have unique features as well.

For example,  the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent boasts of having a free-standing, two-pole aluminum design that makes assembly a breeze. It also uses 74D and 185T polyester fly that can resist UV damage. The floor and fly seams are sealed for excellent weather protection. Its floor uses durable poly taffeta with 2000mm coating.
The zippers are extra-large and durable.

There are two vestibules to store various items. There are also gear loft, guy ropes, and stakes. The tent has two doors and a center height of 4 feet and 4 inches. Its full dimensions are 90 by 102 by 52 inches, and it weighs 8.6 pounds.

Unfortunately, this shelter also has its problems. For one, it does not have any window cover for privacy, and one would need to close the windows using the rainfly. The tent’s material is not also waterproof.

The CORE Equipment 4 Person Instant Dome Tent is another competitor, which promises a quick setup that will only take 30 seconds with its pre-assembled steel pole system. One merely has to unpack the shelter, unfold its legs and extend until the poles are placed into position. The shelter is made from 100 percent polyester. It boasts of the H20-block technology feature that has water-repellent fabric, fully taped rainfly, and sealed seams. The door and window seals are also rain-resistant.

It also has adjustable air intake vents that help in drawing in cold air. There is a mesh ceiling that lets hot air escape. However, this product has a poor-quality zipper and also fails to protect campers from the rain.

Verdict: Still a Good Buy

The Coleman Instant Cabin has many features that make it a good product. It has the quick-install system that only takes users around one minute to assemble the product, thanks to its pre-attached pole design. The product also boasts of the WeatherTec system to keep water out as well as the Dark Room Technology that can block out most of the sunlight and help reduce temperature buildup for a cooler stay inside the shelter.

This product, however, is not perfect as it fails to keep water out completely, and its zipper is unlikely to stand the test of time and constant use.

The product under review has many competitors on the market such as the CORE Equipment 4 Person Instant Dome Tent and the CORE Equipment 4 Person Instant Dome Tent, which both offer a quick set-up, too. Unfortunately, these two tents also have their flaws.

This means that the Coleman Instant Cabin is still a good buy as it has great features notably the Dark Room Technology, that other tents do not offer. It is still a great purchase for those who are looking for a tent to use for sunny weather only.

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