Our aim at Camp Shores is to see you experience fewer hassles when you go camping.

To achieve such aims, we have round-ups on the best camping gear and tools you can trust. Say no more to inferior products. On our pages, you will find value for your money.

More importantly, we will guide you on the hacks to maintain your gear and even get more juice out of them.

Our People

We are a team of experienced and dedicated individuals. Our most-cherished quality is what we all share: our love for camping. 

Whenever we are not updating our archives, we are out on a camping site relaxing for the weekend. We walk our talks! 

In all, we at Camp Shores have a collective goal: we want to see you have exciting memories. While we might not be well-versed in fixing all details of your life, we can help with minor details like camping. And we will! 

About expertise, we have been touring California sites for as long as we can remember. We have also gone to other grounds across the US. So yes, we are not a rookie camper, and you won’t find poor-quality research from us.

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