How To Anchor A Tent On The Beach

So the day has arrived and you finally pack your bags and head for the sun kissed beach. You are excited, the kids love it, and you all look forward to a great vacation. Once you are at the beach, you take out that amazing pop up tent you got for a good bargain.

Wait…something’s wrong. It looked so easy-peasy in the video and now it just doesn’t seem to hold up properly. Well, the problem lies not in the product but the way you are trying to secure it on a beach.

Unless you know how to anchor a tent on the beach, you are going to have a tough time trying to keep it in place. It only takes a strong gust of wind to put your tent off the line and come crashing down.

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How To Anchor A Tent On The Beach

In this article, we will tell you how to securely anchor a tent on the beach.

First you need to choose a suitable location to put your tent. Please ensure that you check the local law and rules regarding the use of tents in that beach.

When that is checked, let’s get on with the next step.

Tents as we know need to be securely fixed to solid and hard surface to stay upright. However, sand is far from the ideal base for it. The smooth and slippery sand makes it difficult for the tent anchors to securely fix to the ground.

So, what’s the way out? Well, the solution lies in the problem itself. It’s the sand. You can use sand and other things available on the beach to anchor a tent properly.  Here are a few methods that you may try.

Using sand bags as anchors for tent

After you have decided upon the spot, get a shovel and carefully dig a hole about 2-3 feet away from each support of the tent. The distance between the holes and tent posts should be accurate. Now take plastic bags (to be used as sand anchors) and fill them up with the sand you dug out of the hole. You may add more sand to fill up the bag.

You may alternatively use the sand anchors instead of plastic bags for more stability. They are often known as the Deadman Anchors.

Put the sand bags into the holes and cover them up with only the handles or cords popping out of the surface, to be tied with the guy line. You may put rocks on the top to make sure that sand bag stays buried inside.

Now fasten each tent line also known as Guy Line Attachment to the anchors on the sides of the tent and adjust the tension. Tie the tent line securely and repeat this for the remaining anchors.

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Using rocks as anchors for tent

Some people prefer using large and heavy rocks instead of sand bags as anchors. They are heavier than sand bags hence some people find them more reliable option to hold down a tent. To use rocks as anchors, you need to wrap and tie the guy line attachment around the large and heavy rocks that you can easily find on a beach.

Adding water to the sand bags

The wind on a beach is supposed to be gentle and relaxing, however it might turn aggressive without warning at times. When the wind is too strong for your tent to hold up against it, try this trick. Just fetch a pail of water from the sea and pour some water over the sand bags inside the holes.

As water seeps inside the bag, the sand will get wet and thus become heavier. It will be able to hold your tent more securely. This also helps in increasing the tension to get a tighter and more secure attachment.


We hope the above ideas help you create strong anchors for putting up a nice sturdy tent on the beach where your kids can play and take rest. If you need to adjust the tightness, simply add some more sand to the sand bag and this will strengthen the hold further. You can now relax in your own private setting and have all the beach fun without getting sunburn.


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