How to Choose a Family Camping Tent

For most of you who would like to go camping, then you should consider the right tent for your family in case you are out camping with them. Here we would show you how to choose a family camping tent.  

As you well know camping tents are of different sizes and shapes. The required tent for you is not as similar to those of someone else interested. You can find the right size of camping tents anywhere in the world in the catalogs and stores. 


As you well know tents come in different sizes. They can be either two-man or four men or six-man as they go on.  However six seems to be the maximum, otherwise, we would not encourage people to get squeezed in a tent and no proper air circulation is not what we are advertising for. 

This method is most definitely terrible for many of us, particularly those who are going camping for adventure and the fun of it. However, this method might be good for others particularly the backpackers and the hikers. 

Why be squeezed? In case you want to know the real number of most people in a tent, divide what the tent is rated by two. This means that most six man-rated tents are only best suited for four people, or rather two small children and two people. 

The minimum size you should be apart from each other is about 32 square feet per individual. It is also important to note down the width and length. In case you are five feet tall, a length of about six feet to be comfortable. You should also consider the space for your clothes and space to move freely. 

Children can fit well intents that are slightly smaller.  The peak of the tent is very important in taking details on how to choose a family tent. Always buy a family tent that fits you when you stand up straight. 

The family tent that fits adults well should be about seven feet tall and for children should be about four feet tall. This shows that the size of the tent really matters in choosing the best suitable family tent. 

How to Choose a Family Camping Tent – Shape

As you well know, tents are of different shapes. The tent comes in the shapes of wall, done, geodesic, umbrella, and frame. The frame tent shape is commonly known as a pup but can be large. The umbrella tent shape is the most commonly used family tent. 

This is because it has a lot of free room where you can roam around, with a rain top fly at the top and also has large windows. The geodesic shape tent is of many different shapes. Although they are all in the shape of triangles connected at the top. The wall shape tent follows an A shape but is larger and its sidewalls are vertical. 

Tents with shapes as that of a square floor are reliable when laying out space for his arrangements and his place of sleeping. Having a square floor is not a must. You can have a geodesic shape tent or rather buy a floor that is round. Although you should consider allowing extra space for your things. 


As you well know a tent can’t stand up without poles to support it. Poles that are reliable are manufactured from fiberglass or aluminum. Poles that are highly recommended are those that are joined together with a cord that possesses elastic shock. 

This aids when putting up the family tent. Poles as you all know can break or bend, hence emergency repair joints or links should be provided by the tent manufacturers for an emergency when a situation arises and the links break. 


Most of the tents made are commonly manufactured of nylon material. Most tents nowadays are manufactured using coated nylon that gives the family tent it’s waterproof properties.  

Another material that is also used in making family tents is the nylon mesh of which is usually in the inside of the tent particularly at the windows. Better family tents are made of rip fabric or rather thick fabric. 

How to Choose a Family Camping Tent – Zippers 

Tents require zippers to enclose the family tent. It ensures the content inside of the family tent is secure and can be used as a door to get in and also get out. It’s highly advisable to test zippers while shopping and also is a huge factor on how to choose a family camping tent as it is the main component in choosing the best most suitable tent for your audience. 

The zippers should be able to close and open freely hence binding of the tent fabric should not be an issue at all. The zipper should be a component that doesn’t rust easily. 


Nylon tape should be used on seams when reinforcing the family tent. The nylon tape should be stitched on each seam. This makes the seam waterproof and stronger. The tent floor and fly must have a seam sealer that is waterproof in a nylon family tent. If your family tent is new it should come with a bottle full of the sealers. 

Before embarking on your camping trip, put up the family tent in your yard and let it dry before picking up the tent and packing it. For the best family tent, you should be able to repeat this process yearly. 

Weather Conditions

You are supposed to pick the best tent in accordance with the weather conditions experienced in your camping area. Certain weather conditions include cold, heat, rain, sun, and wind. Windy camping areas should have anchor ropes, sturdy poles, and stakes. Your tent for your family should possess a rain fly that is waterproof and is made of nylon that is coated. 

How to Choose a Family Camping Tent – Cost 

If you purchase a tent for a lot of money then the tent is made up of good properties. You will find that it had stronger stitching, stronger lol, and stronger fabric. This helps the tent a great deal in dealing with certain weather conditions like heavy rain and wind. 

A good family tent always lasts for years and years, as opposed to cheap tents that can only last a year. The cost is a major factor to consider is how to choose a family camping tent.

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