How to do Kayaking

This dynamic outdoor exploring activity is a water sport perfect for your relaxation especially with friends and family as well. Looking for a fascinating way to spend your afternoon out in the waters with your family? You’re lucky to be on this text because I’m going to show you how to do kayaking as well as everything you need before you get into your Kayak.  

Isn’t it amazing how a kayak sails smoothly across the water? Yes, it is! However, you’ll have to master all the basics of Kayaking before you get to the real activity. Kayaking is a cost-effective water sport, that will give you a good chance to enjoy nature from a completely different angle, above water. 

This sport is known to be good for your upper body thus it can even be used as a Physical exercise activity by Athletes.  If you have a boat already, you just need to learn the basics, dress in the proper kits then get gliding the whole afternoon with your loved ones. 

However, individuals who don’t  own Kayakis can rent one, sign-up for a lake tour, or sign up for a Kayaking class before you get to purchase one of your own later. Let’s take a look at how to do kayaking.

Why Should One Go Kayaking? 

With the wide variety of water sports, you can engage in, I’d recommend you to go for Kayaking due to a number of factors that I’m going to outline for you below:

• It’s a breathtaking sport 

Depending on the type of mood you want to achieve, you can make this game exhilarating or as challenging as you want. Grab a number of friends or family and leave for paddling in the lake or go kayaking down the river with your friends for the afternoon, trust me you won’t hate it at all.

• It’s a brilliant bodybuilding exercise

This outdoor exploration water sport activity is a perfect upper body workout routine for you. Kayaking can be a perfect outdoor workout activity to build your core power, shoulder, chest, and arm muscles if done with consistency.

• A perfect appreciation for mother nature 

You can go out Kayaking on different types of water bodies  depending on your geographical location. The view achieved when sitting and paddling your Kayak is amazing. Regardless of either you’re paddling down the river, across the lake, or gliding through the ocean waters, you will have the chance to explore our beautiful nature as we enjoy ourselves as well. 

Kayaking Gear and Cloth wear 

The most basic requirement for one to go out Kayaking is getting yourself a Kayak of course. If you’re heading out to the waters for the first time, you’ll have to consult and comply with the pros and the guides for a better experience. 

Beyond having a Kayak, the other items will vary depending on the type of trip one is looking forward to. However, here is a number of items you should have beside your Kayak every time you’re about to have some fun on the water surfaces: 

• A lifejacket 

Make sure that you have any personal floating item when involving yourself in water sports or activities. Wear your lifejacket well, making sure that it’s well fit; not too loose or too tight at the same time. 

• A bilge bailer 

This item will come in handy when you’ll have to bail water out of your Kayak. Make sure you’ve carried your bilge pump along as you head out Kayaking any afternoon. 

• A Paddle 

This item is as essential in Kayaking as the Kayak itself. When going for a paddle, you’ll have to consider the size of your torso and the measurements of your Kayak as well. You can check out the size charts derivable from experts to ensure you make a perfect and favorable choice for yourself. 

For a torso over 28 inches, you’ll have to select a paddle length of above two meters and vice versa. 

How to do Kayaking 

One mistake all beginners do is sliding their kayak onto water surfaces before they even master how to hold a kayak paddle perfectly. Don’t rush, just trust the process. Take your time to read the guidelines and understand all the equipment required for one to go kayaking safely.  

You need to understand and learn all the basics based on paddle handling, first aid lessons, and swimming classes to make sure you’re safe from all dangers one can face when kayaking. 

Tips on How to Reduce Risk When Kayaking 

Focus on generating power from your core rather than just your arms to make the strokes effective and more powerful. This will prevent you from straining and having fatigue experiences after going out for a fun afternoon. 

Proper sitting 

Make sure you sit up straight on your kayak seat to avoid losing balance and straining your shoulders. Recreational kayaks have adjustable seats which favor the paddler since you can have it in any position you prefer. Remember to keep an upright posture to avoid back pains as well. 

Paddle holding 

Hold your paddle at the center and make sure your elbows attain a 90-degrees angle when the paddler is held centrally above your head. The hand close to water is the one to push the blade through the water and slice it out eventually as well. 

The other hand rotates the paddle as it awaits its turn to push the other blade through water and the cycle continues. After the first and second immersion, both hands will naturally take a rhythm as you glide through and enjoy the picnic. 

How to do Kayaking – Conclusion

Using the forward, reverse, sweep and draw strokes, you will maximumly gain control over your kayak and command the direction you want it to drift to. Make sure you are correctly equipped with the appropriate gear and items needed to make this flatwater activity safe as well as enjoyable. 

Using the guidelines outlined above, all kayaking beginners will be able to know and master how to do kayaking whether down the river, in the ocean, or even in water park kayaking competitions. Read them keenly and implement them to become a better paddler. 

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