How To Fold Beach Tent

If you love spending the day on a beach, but baking under the sun is not your idea of fun then a beach tent is a good solution. The foldable beach tents are lightweight and they can easily fit inside your shoulder bag when folded.

If you search on Google for the best beach tent, you will find what is called a ‘pop up’ beach tent. They are named so because they simply ‘pop up’ when unfolded and setting them up is a breeze. However, the trouble starts when you are ready to pack and head home.

As a first time user, folding a beach tent so that it fits into that carrying case can spoil the fun if you don’t know the right way to do it. As a result when buying a beach tent, you need to ensure that folding it back to fit inside the carry case is as easy as popping it up.

Tips on How To Fold Beach Tent

We suggest that you spend some time reading customer reviews to find out what they have to say about a product. In most cases the tent will be easy to set up, so look for reviews that talk about the experience of folding it back. This will not only help you learn from other’s mistakes but also avoid products that are not user-friendly.

After a fun and lovely day at the beach, you would definitely not want to lose your mind over not being able to properly fold a beach tent.

If you have lost the manufacturer’s instructions, there’s no need to worry. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you should be able to get your beach tent back into the bag again.

Step 1: create an oval shape

Hold the tent in a way that the opening faces you. Now, grab both the sides of the entrance. First fold the left side by pulling it towards the ground. Now repeat the same process of the right side. The tent will create an oval shape

Step 2: make an eight

When you have achieved that perfect oval shape, place the tent on its side. Now apply pressure gently to the middle of the tent to make the figure of an eight. When you achieve that 8 shape, keep the weight applied to the mid-point so that the tent does not move about.

Step 3: Fold in a circle

Now that you have made an eight as instructed, take one side of the eight and fold it right over the other one. Apply a little pressure while doing so. Don’t worry about breaking your beach tent because the poles are highly flexible.

After you have formed the circle, just hold it in the correct position and put an elastic band around it to make sure that the tent forms a perfect circle.

Step 4: zip up and head home or the next destination

If you see poles sticking out from the edges, just tuck them in to easily put your beach tent inside the shoulder bag.

We suggest that you also watch a YouTube video that demonstrates how to fold a beach tent to get a better picture of what needs to be done.


Many people may rebuff the idea of getting a beach tent because they think it’s a little embarrassing. Others feel it’s meant for the kids and elderly. Let’s get this straight. It’s better to overcome your embarrassment, shyness, hesitation or whatsoever than burn your skin and deal with the aftereffects.

A beach tent not only gives you a nice shady place to lie down and relax, it also allows you to tone down the amount of the sea breeze getting on your face.

If you are travelling with children, newborns in particular you simply cannot ignore a beach tent. It provides the much needed protection from the direct sun rays, strong wind, blowing sand and bugs.

However traveling with children can be cumbersome, and not knowing how to fold a beach tent can turn a perfect day spent at the beach into a nightmare. So, save yourself the trouble and practice folding and unfolding the beach tent a few times at home before you head for the beach.

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