How to Stay Warm Camping in a Tent: Preparation Is Key

Camping is one way of appreciating the beauty of nature. It is also a great activity for bonding or spending time with loved ones. However, sometimes camping is no picnic as weather conditions may make the activity more difficult and less enjoyable. If one is staying or staking out during cold weather, then it is best to be prepared. After all, planning is the key to any successful trip and knowing how to stay warm camping in a tent is one of the most important things to learn before going to that much anticipated outdoor adventure.

Preparation Is Key

Planning is always the reason for the success of any event or project including camping trips. As such, it is important to research the place to know what kind of weather you will be encountering. When preparing for this adventure, one must find out how cold the weather is, how strong the winds are, and what is the weather forecast for those days. Finding answers to these questions can help you prepare on what to bring for the trip.

It is also essential to know how many people are going to the camp with you as well as how many individuals will be staying inside your tent. These may affect your decisions on how to pack for the cold weather. Plus, it would be worthwhile to know the terrain of the place especially if the trip involves some trekking or long walks as this would determine how much weight you would be comfortable carrying in your bag.

How To Stay Warm Camping In a Tent: It Starts with Packing

After finding the answers to the questions mentioned above, it is time to pack. If the trip involves long walks and challenging trails, then it is best to pack as lightly as possible. This means you cannot bring those comforters or plenty of blankets to help you keep warm.

If one has to limit the number of items to bring to the camp, then it is best to go with thermal or insulated ones. For example, one can pack thermal clothes instead of opting to bring plenty of garments for layering just to stay warm. You may opt to bring or wear fur-lined clothes or fleece ones that can keep you away from freezing.

In addition, one may want to invest in sleeping bags that are designed for cold camping. It is a misconception that all sleeping bags are the same as there are some designed for summer use and others for winter or cold weather use. When buying a sleeping bag for cold weather, keep in mind that the one that fits like a mummy or almost hugs your body is the best option.

Plus, you may also want to go for the option of getting yourself either a fleece or silk sleeping bag liner. Either of the two will be able to aid in trapping the heat. Just keep in mind that the silk liner is a delicate piece and might rip easily while the fleece option is a bit more durable.

Insulating the Tent

One of the best ways to keep warm during camping is to insulate the tent. There are fitted carpets for tents available on the market that can help keep the temperature at more comfortable ranges. If you have none of these fitted carpets for tents, then any old rugs or carpet would do. These aid in keeping a warmer temperature as they prevent the cold from getting out from the ground.

Also, you may want to count the number of people that will be sharing your tent. Keep in mind that a big tent that has so much space as there are fewer people than what its capacity can accommodate will be colder. Remember how a big and cold room becomes even colder when there are fewer people on it. The same concept applies on how to stay warm camping in a tent. It is best to have more people share a tent if the idea is to keep everybody warm.

Layer Up Ahead of Time

Many people make the mistake of wearing more clothing or warmer ones when they start to feel the temperature dropping. This is a big mistake as time is of the essence when battling with cold weather or temperature. Instead, one should wear warm clothing before the temperature drops. Keep in mind that warming up will take time, and it is best to prepare for the lower temperature than wait for the body to feel the cold.

Bring A Heat Pack

To help warm up the tent, one can also use a heat pack. There are plenty of heat packs on the market that you can buy including disposable ones. Place the heat packs in the pockets of your jacket or place them inside the tent near you. Just be careful in handling the heat pack as it can also cause some burns.

Additionally, you may want to get yourself some hand warmers, too. Our hands suffer greatly when cold temperature strikes, and it is best to keep them warm all the time. This product will indeed keep your hand away from being frozen.

Do not make the mistake of using portable heaters such as gas ones inside your tent to avoid accidents. Keep in mind that heating devices should never be used in enclosed spaces and should always be used with care.

Cover Yourself With Blanket

In cases where you do not have the mummy-type of sleeping bags, you can wrap yourself in a thick blanket or several of them. In fact, you can even wrap a blanket before getting into the sleeping bag if it is feasible.

Thick ones especially those made in fleece are perfect warmers for very cold camping. Wrapping in thick blankets is particularly important when there are fewer people inside the tent than what its capacity can accommodate.

Camping in extreme cold weather is no walk in the park. But planning for such a trip will help in ensuring that the cold will not hinder you from having a great time.

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