iCorer Outdoor Portable EasyUp Beach Cabana Tent Sun Shelter Sunshade Review

The beach is a favorite destination for tourists, vacation goers and practically anyone who has free time to relax and unwind. Going to the beach is a lot of fun, especially if you have a tent to shade you from the sun and the other elements. A tent which is versatile enough to shelter you in different kinds of environments, aside from the beach. A great tent is durable as it is made from quality materials but lightweight enough that you can carry it around with you when traveling.

When you are looking for a tent, you should look into whether it’s waterproof. It should also have a window which will allow for good ventilation so you can enjoy sitting in your shelter while the sun is at its hottest.

A tent with a lot of space will also be a great choice so you can enjoy the tent along with your family and friends. Finding an ideal tent which will fulfill your needs will really improve your beach fun.

Features of iCorer Outdoor Portable EasyUp Beach Cabana Tent Sun Shelter

The Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

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So what makes a specific tent an ideal one for you? You will have to think about some factors to find out whether the tent is the best choice for you and the other people who will be using it. Your choice will depend on what you need and what features the tent has. Here are some awesome features which stand out:

Versatile and Unique

  • The sun protection provided by this tent allows you to enjoy the protection of the shelter in any kind of environment.
  • This polyester tent is both lightweight and durable. The material allows for sun shade, insulation of heat and reflection of light, ensuring that you are cool while inside it.
  • The shell and the floor of the tent are waterproof.
  • Comes with a huge roll up/down window which is located at the back and a fully open front.
  • This spacious tent can accommodate up to 3 adults at a time, plus chairs and gear.
  • The shock-corded poles which are made of fiberglass can be set-up through a 3-pole pin-and-ring frame system. It’s extremely easy to set-up.


  • Lightweight tent which is very portable once folded.
  • Very spacious, perfect for family beach trips.
  • Very easy to set-up and pack away.
  • Sand pockets and stakes are included to keep the tent stable.


  • The tent doesn’t come with instructions for setting up.


This tent is perfect for using at the beach but it can also be set-up in your backyard, in a park or any other environments where you will be enjoying outdoor activities. Once folded, this tent is very portable, despite its big, spacious size when opened. To keep the tent stable, it comes with stakes and sand pockets which just needed to be filled with sand from the beach.

If you enjoy going to the beach and soaking up the rays with your friends and family, then this tent is perfect for you. The open front design is great for entering and the huge window at the back can be opened wide to allow the breeze to enter. The tent is made of polyester, making it both durable and lightweight. It’s a great choice for a versatile tent which is spacious but can still be carried around.


Camperelli 83x55x45-Inch 2 Person Beach Tent Bundle with 2 Fold-up Beach Chairs, Green

You might think that the iCorer Outdoor Portable EasyUp Beach Cabana Tent Sun Shelter Sunshade is not the best tent for you. Don’t worry, though, there is still hope.

There are other products out there which are as good or even better, which you can choose from. One of them is the Camperelli 2 Person Beach Tent Bundle. It’s a good choice for a pop up tent which comes with its own sand pockets and tent stakes to stabilize your tent on the ground.

It has 3 huge mesh windows with shades that can be rolled up/down. This tent is easy to carry around once it’s packed up into its own storage bag. It comes in fun colors and even has its own guarantee, good for a year. Definitely another good find.


This specific tent has some great features for you to enjoy. It’s a superior choice for you if you enjoy outdoor activities such as camping or going to the beach. It’s versatile, stable, durable and lightweight. Its special features which are functional and will really allow you to enjoy your outdoor experiences more, adds value to your product experience.

This spacious tent will allow you and your family or friends to take shelter from the heat of the sun or other harmful elements. It is a waterproof tent which will keep you dry while you are inside it. The iCorer Outdoor Portable is made from top quality materials which and can be easily assembled. Definitely a great choice for a beach tent.

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