Is Kayaking Safe for Non Swimmers?

It is quite a common question that we get from many people. Is kayaking safe for non swimmers? It might not be the place to judge but thinking of it as a sport that requires a little bit of effort to float on the water, it might sound like a difficult thing to do if one does not know how to swim. 

But is it really true that a non-swimmer cannot be able to kayak? With little ease or difficulty? All these questions we may be asking ourselves and we are just about to find out the reality as we answer them one by one! 

Can I Kayak If I Don’t Know How to Swim? 

As we may already know, kayaking is one of the sporting activities that need one to be composed of water. If for instance, I have never swum, it does not necessarily mean I cannot do kayaking. We can all kayak. 

All that matters is the ability to know how to interact with the water with a lot of courage without even touching it. How’s that even possible? Here is how. The courage we need to be on the kayak and develop the main balance as we float on the kayak is the main thing here. 

Having the skills that will help us kayak is the most important thing. How are we able to get this little vessel on the water and maneuver thought as though we were swimming? 

Kayaking is in fact one of the ways that we swim without even swimming. The kayak holds all of the balance as though our bodies were floating on the water without even getting wet. Anyone can do it! But here’s the biggest of these questions, is kayaking safe for non swimmers? 

Now safety depends on how much we get to learn kayaking and it can be safe or not depending on how it is done. 

How Dangerous Is Kayaking for Non Swimmers? 

Many of us experienced kayakers would say that if one doesn’t know how to swim, it is very easy to float. The truth is that we don’t know because many of us first went kayaking long after swimming. 

However, truth be told, kayaking may be very difficult since the amount of composure it requires demands the stability that comes when one is trying to swim. We can easily mess up a kayak if we are not well composed. 

In many cases, if we were to try kayaking before swimming, chances are that we are bound to mess up even more easily. It is wiser to try out kayaking after we get to know how to swim. Kayaks do capsize, which they do very easily. 

What matters then is, are we able to hold ourselves in control within this period? How able are we to maintain the control even long after we realize we are into the waters on our own now, no kayak! The biggest possibility is that non-swimmer would mess up everything. 

Safe or Not Safe, Can We Kayak? 

We’re already scared? Worry not because we got this. There is always a way to do it right. It might not be more like a set standard of rules or such a similar thing but we have to know that we can still do safe kayaking without even knowing how to swim. 

But how? Let’s find out. However, kayaking is not that ideal for non swimmers but it can be done the right way and does no harm if we try it out. It is also recommended not to go on your own, maybe bring a friend on a two man kayak?

Let’s Learn 

It doesn’t naturally sound good or right but believe me it’s most right if you master the specific skills. A kayak lesson can be of the greatest benefit to the non-swimmer. We have to learn the basics of what makes kayaking a thrilling experience. 

Through the time of learning, we get to know a lot of things that will help so much in the real-time experience.  Since we are non swimmers trying to learn kayaking without learning how to swim, the best lesson we can take here is what we call the wet exit. 

With our coach, we can practice on it for real-time experience with the water, several times and get to have pure courage if doing it on our own. 

It may all seem vague and a little impractical for a moment but it is never the same when we do a lot of practice. What I am basically suggesting is that we should go learn and practice. One day we’ll do it with a lot of energy and do it perfectly right as though we were real swimmers. So, what do you think? Is it still that difficult to try? Okay, is kayaking safe for non swimmers? 

Have a PFD 

It’s all about getting to know how to float, preferably with the help of someone. The main tool we need now is a personal floatation device that we call the life jacket. It is important to have it as we learn to float on the kayak and do the wet exit. 

All these trucks involve the composure we have to remain afloat. It might however be so tough for us to remain afloat without having one of these devices. Having one us is in fact a step to safety and that is really important. 

Is Kayaking Safe for Non Swimmers – Conclusion

The main advice that anyone who’s willing to help us learn this can ever give us is that if we’re ever afraid of the waters we should not think of kayaking more often. However, get it right that we can kayak without knowing how to swim. Learning a few major tricks that involve both skill and safety tips is all we need.  

Now, if someone were to ask the same question again, is kayaking safe for non swimmers? The best thing we can give for an answer when it comes to that is that kayaking is perfectly safe for a non-swimmer who learns and keeps practicing all the time. In the end, it turns out to be easy to do with the heavy skill acquired.

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