Kayak Techniques and Tips

Most people like to go for kayaking activities for the adventure and fun of it. Before you go for your adventure, let us assist you to get the best out of your kayak paddling activities as we give you some kayak techniques and tips that will help beginners enjoy their adventure. 

Since I was a paddle guide, it is only right that I assist new paddlers and help them learn how to kayak paddle and experience the best fun for the activities 

Kayaking Techniques and Tips for New Paddlers 

Invest and buy a good and firm paddle 

You should not feel that for you to be a better paddler you must purchase an expensive paddle in the market. We advise you that investing some little money and buying a good and firm paddle is the first step to enhance your paddling performance. 

It gets tiresome after moving forth and back using your paddle after some time and it’s even a lot more tiresome to move water hence investing and purchasing a good and firm paddle is one of the kayak techniques and tips that you should begin with for successful paddling. 

Never fear to get yourself wet 

One simple mistake can land you in the water of which is very common when one is using a kayak hence do not fear getting yourself wet while kayak paddling. Even though you don’t fall in the water, you will still get wet while camping while it’s raining or by kayak paddling. 

As you know that you will get water eventually, always wear the right type of clothing which includes the ones made with the materials wool, nylon, or polyester. For outdoor fun and activities such as kayak paddling cotton is most definitely a bad choice for clothing. 

Also, consider the best shoes for kayak paddling. You will need water shoes or rather secure and reliable sandals. Always pack extra clothes as you know you will get wet at some point. In case you are spending the night there always have a clean pair of dry clothes with you for sleeping. 

Materials and clothing for kayak activities are very important for your safety, and you should adhere to all of them. 

Use the dry sack in the right manner 

Many of the kayak paddling beginners get this fact wrong as they always use dry bags in the wrong manner. You will find that if used in the wrong way, water starts to leak and it soaks everything in there. 

We will show you how to correctly pack a dry sack or bag. You should not pack the bag till the brim but instead leave some space and press air out as you hold together the top. Fold-down the top rim at least more than two times and buckle and close it. 

You should be able to clip and close the buckle in the right direction. This is because if you do this in the wrong direction then your bag will unroll and open up. These are some of the kayak techniques and tips that should be at your fingertips at all times. Always check whether the seal is tight by lifting up your bag using the loop provided. 

Practice basic kayak paddling strokes

Paddling a kayak is one of the easiest things that you will ever learn. You actually do not need a teacher to learn this. You can always practice your basic kayak paddling techniques and stroking as you know practice makes things perfect. 

Practicing improves your technique and you can be able to paddle at a faster rate, more reliable, and enjoyable. Practicing your stroking is definitely worth it as it gives you a massive confidence boost while you are out there and it improves your paddling in the water. 

Simple knots 

You should be able to hear the trucker’s basic hitch. The 2-1 basic pulley is a knot that is used to secure boats and tie them down. It can also be used in equipment and tarps. You should also be quite aware of the bowline while discovering the knots. This type of knot is very efficient as it doesn’t bind under your goods and is very reliable. 

The other type of knot that you should be aware of is the fisherman’s basic knot. It is very similar to the triple and double fisherman. With a little bit of creativity and experience, understanding how these knots work will be very easy if you are focused. It is important to know about the knots to ensure your safety in the water. 

Don’t paddle alone 

You can always tag along with a friend when going out for kayaking activities. Kayak paddling with your friends gives you a sense of security and one becomes very comfortable. It is highly advisable that you tag along with a friend that is experienced and can offer advice to you when you need it. 

You can also share equipment together and the camping trip will be more fun rather than coming alone which can be quite boring. 

Be aware of river hazards 

This is an essential part of kayak techniques and tips. Ensure that before you get into the water for the kayak activities, it’s better than you are well informed of the dangers in the river. Don’t be ignorant as you may find yourself in a sticky situation and end up injured. 

If you don’t know the difference between upstream V’s and downstream or rather you don’t have a clue about a strainer then it is highly encouraged that you don’t go for kayak paddling in the river. Being informed of the river hazards is very important and you should always keep your guard up and understand your paddling abilities before embarking on your kayak journey. 

Hand signals and use of a whistle 

Many of us don’t know how the river is very loud. It will be very hard to communicate from a distance with your friends as the river is very noisy. You are required to learn the basics of hand signals and whenever you are in a problem you can always blow your whistle to alert your tour guide to salvage you from the situation. 

Have fun on your kayak journey 

As of now you already know some kayak techniques and tips that will help you whenever you want to go out with your friends for kayak paddling. Kayak is one of the best ways to ensure that your outdoor travel activities are a success.

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