Mountainsmith Morrison 2-Person Tent: A Three-Season Wonder

Back in 2011, the Mountainsmith Morrison Three-Season Tent bagged both the Killer Value and Killer Deal awards from the Backpacker Gear Guide. From this, we can say that this product is really a great tent that has won awards. Then again, what does it mean to be actually recognized as an award-winning tent?

Camping is a hobby that millions of people from around the globe enjoy doing, which is why the market for camping tents continues to grow even as we speak. For a camping tent to be regarded as award-winning, though, it has to have three things: remarkable functionality, unparalleled durability, and versatility.

The characteristics we just mentioned are the features you would expect from an award-winning camping tent. Here, we will take a close look at the Mountainsmith Morrison Three-Season Tent to find out if it really does deserve the recognition.

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About Mountainsmith

Mountainsmith is a designer and manufacturer of camping and hiking gear. They offer a vast selection of quality products that range from trekking poles and technical backpacks to camera bags, lumbar packs, luggage, sleeping bags, and tents.

Every one of their products is guaranteed to provide comfort and value for money. One such proud Mountainsmith creation is the Morrison Three-Season Tent. Do you think this tent is the one you have been looking for? Let’s find out.

Mountainsmith Morrison Three-Season Tent

Whether you have been camping for years or just planning to start, one of the very first things that you need to invest in is a camping tent. This article will discuss the Morrison 2 tent and help you determine if it is the right tent to buy. You turn to us, of course.

In order to save you the risk of buying a tent that might not actually live up to its promise, we have gone the extra mile and did the test for you. Here, you will find everything that we have learned about the Mountainsmith Morrison Three-Season Tent, starting with its key features.

Key Features

The Mountainsmith Morrison Three-Season Tent is a free-standing tent that is made of polyester fabric. It boasts 35 square feet of interior usable space, a 17 square feet vestibule, and a peak height of around 43 inches. This ensures that it can comfortably accommodate up to two adults. In fact, a third person can join in but only if it is a child.

As for proper ventilation, you won’t need to worry about that with this tent. It is designed with multiple mesh windows and other ventilation options that keep the insects out but let air and sunlight in. Additionally, it also has bathtub flooring with taped seams as well as taped flies, which keeps the floor dry.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose to sleep under the stars because this tent has a detachable ceiling loft. When you look inside, you will also find several mesh pockets where you can store your essentials. The included gear loft and removable gear loft provide additional storage options.

It features a two-door design that enhances functionality and ease of access. The doors come with zippers and gear vestibules, adding to the tent’s overall convenience.

It boasts a fly attachment system that makes this tent very easy to set up. The rain fly has fully taped seams and waterproofing to keep the interior dry. For your reference, the setup instructions are also conveniently printed on the stuff sack that it comes with.


  • Color-coded poles are very convenient

  • Can hold its shape

  • Easily dries

  • Can hold its own against wind and rain

  • Has a good ventilation system

  • Comes with high-quality poles

  • Can store a lot of gear inside

  • Easy to get in and get out of

  • Very roomy and well-insulated


  • Stakes are not lightweight

  • Hard to put back in its original storage shape

  • Can be heavy

  • Screen netting gets loose

  • Some hooks are too small

  • Buckles can easily break

Summary of the Features

The Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Tent is an award-winning camping tent that is well worth its price. It features mesh walls, windows, and doors that allow sunlight and air to come in. This tent is spacious enough to accommodate two people and their full camping gear.

Aside from being versatile and functional, the Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Tent is also durable enough to hold its shape even against strong winds and heavy rains. At just four pounds, it won’t put too much strain on your back and eat up too much space in your camping arsenal.

Comparison with the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent

The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent is pretty much just like the Mountainsmith Morrison Three-Season Tent. They have the same look, design, vestibule, up to its fabric, which is polyester too. While they are extremely similar, they do have their differences too—albeit tiny.

For starters, they differ in terms of the strength of the poles and the ability of the fabric to resist wear and tear. In the case of the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent, the poles tend to break easily as with the fabric. However, it wins over the tent from Mountainsmith when it comes to portability and weight.

The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent also comes equipped with a polyester fly that is not only water-resistant but also prevents UV damage. Similar to the other camping tent, it also features two doorways, gear loft, storage pockets, and multiple zippers. The Mountainsmith tent is a more lightweight tent compared to the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent.

The Verdict

If asked to choose between the two camping tents we have presented above, we’d gladly put our money on the Mountainsmith Morrison Three-Season Tent. We arrived at this conclusion due to many reasons. The tent is also capable of withstanding high winds and adverse weather conditions.

First, the fact that it has a stronger and more durable pole than the one from ALPS Mountaineering, which breaks and bends easily when subject to too much tension. This makes the Mountainsmith camping tent more reliable and long-lasting.

Second, although they are made from the same type of fabric, the Mountainsmith tent is less susceptible to wear and tear. The truth is that it was not about the fabric itself but because of the craftsmanship of the seams.

Lastly, the Mountainsmith camping tent is also more lightweight, which is a very important factor for campers and hikers alike. A tent that is too heavy means that it is not very portable, making it not ideal to bring along during long hikes.

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