Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4 Kid Tent Product Review

Camping is an activity that can be done by anyone. One can go on camping adventures alone or with friends or family. This outdoor activity, however, requires planning especially since one needs to be properly equipped with gears and tools. One of the needed equipment is a camping tent. Fortunately, tents are easily available on the market.

Tents come in different sizes. Such product can fit two or even an entire family. There are tents for adults and children as well. And if you are on the lookout for one, then you might want to consider the Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4 Kid Tent. What are the features of this product? And how does it fare against the competition?

The Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4 Kid Tent

The Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4 Kid Tent

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Pacific Play Tents is a privately-owned company that manufactures high-quality indoor and outdoor products. As its name suggests, the firm specializes in tents and related products. It boasts of a wide range of tents that would include nursery, dome, beach cabanas, one-touch, touch, combos, bed and teepees tents. The Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4-Kid Play Tent is an indoor/outdoor tent designed especially large for added play value. It also produces tunnels, parachutes, and accessories.

The Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4-Kid Play Tent features G3 Safety-Coated ‘Super Poles’ to ensure durability and stability, making it suitable for both children and adults.


The Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4 Kid Tent promises to be the perfect shelter for camping trips of families. This tent offers added play value due to its large size and design, making it ideal for enhanced play experiences.

This colorful supersized tent can accommodate three kids, their toys and furniture or a total of four children. It measures 58 by 58 by 46 inches.

The tent uses polyester in bright varying colors. It also boasts of having 70 denier polyester walls that are kid tough. The floor is made from polyethylene that is water-resistant. The poles are sturdy PE coated fiberglass that is shock-corded. The tent has a Velcro front door closure as well as two-tunnel ports with their roll up flaps.

The product is compatible with play tent tunnels from the product maker, which has to be bought separately. These tunnels along with the tent can be built into a kid-sized play village. The tent also features reinforced pole pockets for fast assembly.

The product has double-stitched seams and reinforced stress points, which will prevent ripped seams to make the product durable. The tent has mesh top panels for proper ventilation and a great view of the outdoors.

This kid-friendly shelter is easy to set up. Cleaning is also a breeze as one only needs to wipe the walls with a clamp cloth and mild soap.

The item is also lightweight at three pounds. Plus, it comes with a sturdy carry bag. The product maker advises that the tent is for kids two years old and above.


  • Roomy and can fit three kids and their toys and small furniture or a total of four kids

  • Brightly-colored; your kids can hardly miss it

  • Made from durable 70 denier polyester

  • Water-resistant polyethylene for flooring

  • Uses PE-coated fiberglass that is shock-corded

  • Compatible with play tent tunnels

  • Easy to set-up

  • Easy to clean

  • Double-Stitched seams and reinforced stress points for durability purposes

  • Lightweight

  • Can be used by children two years old and above

  • Easy to store as it comes with a storage bag


  • Not weatherproof

  • Cannot keep insects out

  • Poles are not durable for outdoors


The Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4 Kid Tent is a roomy shelter that can fit three to four kids. It comes in bright colors. The floor is water-resistant while the walls are made from denier polyester. The poles are made from shock-corded fiberglass and are PE-coated. The tent also has reinforced stress and double-stitched seams. Kids love playing in the tent.

Parents also have the option to place tents tunnels to convert the shelter into a kid-sized play village. There are mesh panels on the top for proper air circulation, and to allow users to see the outdoor sky.

The product is portable and lightweight as it only weighs three pounds. It is easy to set up and clean. The tent comes with a storage bag.

Unfortunately, this shelter is not weatherproof. It also cannot keep insects out as it does not have a zipper enclosure. The poles are not durable for tough ground or weather conditions either.


The Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4 Kid Tent has many competitors on the market. For example, the NPT Children Play Tent Camouflage Dome Tent is also a roomy shelter. This play tent by NPT measures 60 by 60 by 44 inches. Its width and length are two inches more than the product under review while its height is two inches shorter.

These tents have similar design choices as both have top mesh panels, two tunnel ports with roll down flaps and front door closure of Velcro. The poles of both products are almost the same. They are made from PE-coated fiberglass that are shock-corded. The two tents also have water proof floors.

The two tents can be used by children two years and up. They are both easy to set up and use. Both come with a carrying or storage bag.

However, the NPT Children Play Tent Camouflage Dome Tent has a silver interior coating that can protect users from the UV rays. This feature is not available in the product being reviewed.

This camouflage dome tent almost suffers the same flaws as the Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4 Kid Tent since they are highly similar in design. Both cannot keep the insects out as the entrance cannot be sealed using a zipper. The poles are not for tough camping grounds either.


Parents should consider buying the Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4 Kid Tent for their kids for many reasons. For one, it is roomy as four kids can fit inside the shelter. It is made from durable materials. The mesh covers on top allow the kids to see the skies outside. The product is also easy to clean, assemble and store. This tent is perfect for a birthday party as it can accommodate multiple children comfortably.

However, this kid’s tent is not as unique as other products in the market boast of almost the same feature. So, is it worth buying?

This tent is durable and perfect for indoor plays and camping at the backyard or the park. It, however, was not designed for real camping in rugged places. The poles are not durable for hard grounds, and windy weather. The tent is also not weatherproof. For a play tent, the Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4 Kid Tent is a good buy. However, it is better to look for another product for camping under more difficult conditions.

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