Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent Review

Single-person tents have always been popular with mountaineers and casual hikers alike. This is mostly because they weigh so little that they are perfect to bring along when camping, even if the hike is but a few miles.

An advantage that single-person tents have over larger tents, other than the weight, is their versatility when it comes to function, as well as the convenience that they bring in the camp. It would probably take more than 10 minutes to set-up a full-sized tent, whereas a single-person tent would only consume about five minutes, sometimes less than that.

Single-person tents are also faster to strike down as they consume less space and can fit into any bag without any problem, and it does not eat up that much room unfolded. These, among others, make one-person tents a more strategic option for solo hikers or campers who like to have their personal space even when in the campsite, never mind the socials.

So, let’s talk about one of the best single-person tents on the market today: the Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent.

Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent.

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Features of the Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

The Teton Sports tent has the following key features that make it one of the more ideal tents for camping and hiking.

  • Lightweight

The solo version of the Teton Sports Mountain Tent weighs about 3 pounds and 3 ounces, while the four-person tent can weigh as much as 7 pounds and 7 ounces. The weight of the single-person tent is about the same as most single person tents out there.

  • Multiple Ventilation Outlets

Condensation is an enemy that you are likely to face no matter what the season and this is due to the lack of ventilation. The full mesh top of this single-person tent, as well as the built-in vents on the rainfly, ensure that air circulates freely, keeping condensation at bay at all times.

  • Made to Last

The floor of this tent is made of durable 150D Oxford footprint which extends to the side walls and helps keep the elements out. The seams and anchor points are reinforced by heating tape over them before packing. The poles of this single-person tent are made of sturdy aluminum which often outlasts those that are made of carbon fiber.

  • Waterproof

This single-person tent is made for the outdoors with a micro mesh inner tent that has a waterproof rainfly and a watertight tent floor. The vestibule formed by the rainfly keeps water out of the sleeping area, even when the rain hammering down from the heavens.

  • Roomy

The vestibules add more space to the overall tent footprint which lets you store your shoes and larger gears outside while the overhead space of this single-person tent is more than enough for you to sit down while you watch the stars fade into the night.


  • Reasonably light
  • Easy to carry
  • Convenient to pitch and strike down
  • The materials seem durable
  • Made from made to last materials
  • Plenty of room inside
  • Comfortable to sleep in
  • One could sit up while inside
  • Well ventilated if the rainfly is off
  • Rainfly keeps everything dry


  • Vents can be larger
  • More pockets can be added for smaller gears
  • The footprint can be larger.


The Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent is a single-person tent that is easy to set-up and is made of weatherproof materials from the flooring to its seams and the rainfly. This tent also comes with built-in gear pockets inside the tents for smaller items.

With a unique design, this tent allows air to circulate more freely via the inner mesh tent, as well as the cut-away vents that are strategically located around the rainfly. This single-person tent also comes with a carry bag that has a self-adjusting shoulder strap that lets you carry the tent with ease.


The Naturehike Taga Backpacking Tent has features and qualities that are similar to that of the Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent, especially its ability to keep the forces of nature away, as well as its ability to fold down and be packed in a neat pile. The Taga tent from Naturehike comes with aluminum poles that are reinforced for better flexibility.

This tent also comes with a well-ventilated mesh interior; it even has a pest control ventilation that keeps bugs out no matter how hard they try to get in. This ultralight tent is made of durable materials like the 20D nylon for the rainfly and the 20D nylon for the tent floor.

The Naturehike tent is also convenient to set-up with only one pole needed to pitch, while the adhesive seals protect the interior from getting wet from water runoffs during a heaving rain. This single-person tent is easy to carry and is designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoors.


While the Naturehike Taga tent is lighter than the Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent, the latter is still the better option between the two. The Teton Sports’ waterproof rainfly is made of 75D Rip-Stop Polyester which is less susceptible to UV damage and resists water much better. The flooring of the Teton Sports Tent is also made of 150D Oxford material which, if combined with the seams of the sidewalls, makes for a comfortable floor, and it can keep water out better than the 20D nylon material of the Taga.

Generally, more tent poles mean better stability and this is a clear advantage of the Teten Sports Tent over the Taga as the latter looks flimsy with just one, while the aluminum poles of the former give it a stronger and more durable appearance.

Moreover, the additional room created by the vestibules of the Teton Sports Single Person Tent is another advantage as it gives you more room to store your things and a great place to cook on when the weather is particularly bad. The Teton Sports also has a higher headroom clearance which is a great advantage as you get to sit inside and not be forced to lay down on your back or chest to be more comfortable.

A single-person tent is the shelter of choice for hikers and mountaineers who like traversing the trails alone. There are certain dangers to this kind of activity but knowing that you are carrying a reliable form of shelter means that you are only three items away from ensuring your survival no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

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