The Best Backpacking Tent: Packing Up for the Great Outdoors

Outdoor activities are getting a renewal as more and more people are rediscovering the regenerative and relaxing benefits of walking around a silent forest and communing with nature. An integral part of these activities is camping and what better way to do it than spending the night inside the best backpacking tent pegged around a campfire?

There are several kinds of tents, each with its purpose, and they also come in different designs that can suit anyone’s tastes. Various materials are also used to create the poles and the tent itself which can result in different weights, of course.

Weight, in backpacking terms, is something that professionals would often want to scrimp on. This means that they would find ways to shave down the weight of their outdoor gear as much as possible, be it camping lights or a camping tent. This can be achieved by downgrading the size or changing the materials, often to a much better one.

Backpacking Tents For Two

Ideally, a backpacking tent should be able to hold at least one or two campers with some room to breath and move around. It should also be made of water-resistant material and must be light and compact enough to be placed inside a backpack without becoming an encumbrance.

Here are three examples of backpacking tents that you can choose from.

WolfWise Two-Person Three-Four Season Lightweight Backpacking Tent

The WolfWise two-person multi-season, lightweight backpacking tent is made of 190T embossed polyester with double-stitched seams and stitch taping, which guarantees that water would not seep in from the top, as well as the sides. The waterproof tent floor guards add to this protection, and it lets you sleep without having to worry about getting soaked from underneath.

The ventilating mesh used for the windows and the main door flaps lets air through and circulate, making you more comfortable. The anti-tear polyester fabric and the aviation grade, shock-corded aluminum poles weigh in at a mere five pounds and can be packed into a compact size for easy storage.

This tent also has an LED light strand that lets you hang your lights from the tent’s roof, as well as two oversized rain covers that extend your door, giving you more protection and room to store equipment in.


  • This backpacking tent comes in a generous size which fits two people, and it also has a vestibule area under the rain fly as well.
  • The two-door design makes for easy ingress and egress.
  • Setting up this tent is a breeze with the shock-corded poles and the eight tent stakes that it comes with.
  • This camping tent is very light and is portable enough to carry around inside a backpack.


  • The polyester fabric is little thin and can be a problem if you will be using it in high-altitude areas.
Alprang High Visibility Camping Tent

The Alprang High Visibility camping tent measures 7.6 feet in length, three feet in height and about 40 inches in width which makes for a large sleeping area for one person. The waterproof fabric of this backpacking tent has a reflective design which is ideal for low-visibility camping.

This backpacking tent also comes with large mesh roof vents and windows, as well as a large mesh door for better air circulation. The rain cover and the waterproof floor protect the interior from the elements, and interior pockets come in handy for gadgets or any other tool that needs to be on hand immediately.

The Alprang tent is lightweight and portable, and it assembles within minutes, following the provided instructions. The flexible poles and tent pegs can be set up under any condition on any terrain, while the whole tent itself has a huge waterproof footprint.


  • This backpacking tent offers good ventilation coming from the doors and windows, as well as the vent on the roof.
  • This camping tent is lightweight, coming in at five pounds, and is very easy to set up and use.
  • The two entrances make coming in and out of the tent hassle-free and lets you set the tent without having to worry about which door faces which side.


  • The tent is a little smaller than expected and large-bodied campers will have a hard time sleeping inside the tent.
  • There is only room enough for an average person and his bag, nothing else.
  • The poles are made of light aluminum which is not the sturdiest and most flexible of all pole materials.
Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent

The Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent is a multi-season tent that comes in three sizes that can fit up to four persons inside a large waterproof interior, making it ideal for beach camping and backpacking. This tent has two mesh doors, a window and two ventilation skylights that can be closed when not in use. This ventilation option lets air circulate in the tent, making things more comfortable for the intrepid hiker.

This backpacking tent has an oversized rain cover, and the excess fabric can be used as external storage for shoes, stoves and non-essential items. The waterproof polyester fabric has an index of 4000mm, and it is also coated with a special UV coating making it SPF-proof.

The high-strength aluminum poles, together with the breathable nylon fabric and waterproof polyester weighs about five pounds as a whole. The inner tent can also be set up separately and used as a family tent at the beach or in your backyard.


  • The tent has a good ventilation system making it ideal for humid environments while the rain covers make it adapt to wetter ones.
  • The materials used for the tent and the poles are of high-quality, and they feel reliable enough for use in extreme conditions.
  • This backpacking tent is easy to set up with poles that are flexible enough which is great for assembling in the middle of a downpour.


  • The tent has just enough space for two average people and leaves little room for bags and shoes. The tent fly can extend to add to the storage area, but you have to consider which gear you would leave outside.
  • The door zippers do not feel sturdy and might cause problems if you zip and unzip frequently. You can use a little bit of lubricating oil to make the zipper fly smoothly.
  • The floor of this camping tent is fragile, and it does not feel that it can resist water that much. It will be better if you place a waterproof sheet between the ground and the tent.

The Best Backpacking Tent

After checking out the features of each backpacking tent and comparing their benefits with each other, it appears that the best backpacking tent is the WolfWise Two-Person Multi-Season, Lightweight Backpacking Tent. The fabric used for the tent is breathable and yet waterproof, including the tent floor.

The space inside the tent is comfortable enough for two people with some space left for bags and valuable items. The rain covers do extend to supplement that storage area, and the shock-corded aluminum poles give the tent flexibility and durability in handling windy conditions.

Additional features like the overhead LED light cord, the two-door set-up, and the roof ventilation adds to the comfort that this backpacking tent brings in to your camping game. Add the anti-tear fabric to the mix, and you can rest assured that nothing can disturb your sleep while camping under the stars.

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