The Luxe Tempo Backpacking Two-Person Tent for Camping Review

Camping is a fun activity, but it is not always easy. One has to plan properly to enjoy the trips, including figuring out the proper equipment, clothes, and tools to bring. One of the most important items for this activity is the camping tent. This shelter must promise a variety of things, such as being lightweight, ability to withstand different weather conditions, portability, and durability.

However, purchasing one is easier said than done as there are plenty of camping tents on the market today. Fear not for we have already scouted one of the best for you—the Luxe Tempo Backpacking Two-Person Tent for Camping. But how does this camping tent fare?

The Virtues of Luxe Tempo Backpacking Two-Person Tent for Camping

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The Luxe Tempo Backpacking Two-Person Tent for Camping promises to be the perfect companion for all your outdoor trips. Its product manufacturer promises convenience, protection, and durability.

This shelter boasts of many virtues including a fast-pitch system, heavy-duty poles and durable fabric that can protect campers from water with its water-resistant finish. It has enough mesh to ensure that users will be able to breathe properly while inside the tent. This product also has rain-fly, which users can put up quickly to protect them from rains.

This camping tent is made from coated 210T polyester. It has a freestanding design to let users move the entire shelter to find the correct spot for sleeping. This shelter also boasts of having corded poles with matching stretchy and anti-snag pole sleeves.

This two-person tent is designed with two side doors with zippers for seamless entry and exit. It also has mesh pouches to provide campers proper storage of essential items.There are four reinforced panels found at the tent’s corners to ensure that constant tension is maintained. It also boasts of having adjustable ceiling vents to aid in reducing condensation by allowing moist air to leave the tent.

This luxe tent weighs 5.7 pounds and has a dimension of 4.6 by 6.9 feet for the floor, peak height of 3.6 feet, allowing users to sit inside the shelter and vestibules of 6.8 by 6.8 feet.

This product comes with 10 pieces of aluminum stakes, four guy lines, and a user manual. Campers also have the option to buy a footprint separately to increase the tent’s life.


  • Fast-pitch system
  • Heavy-duty poles
  • Durable fabric
  • Water-resistant finish
  • Mesh for proper ventilation
  • Rain-fly to protect users from rain
  • Corded poles with matching stretchy and anti-snag pole sleeves
  • Mesh pockets for storage


  • Packing bag has no tighteners
  • Fiberglass poles are not lightweight
  • Mesh is made from cheap material and could tear after a few uses


The Luxe Tempo Backpacking Two-Person Tent for Camping has many virtues. It boasts of a fast-pitching system so users will have a quick and easy time to put up the tent. It is made from durable fabric that is coated with 210T polyester and has a water-resistant finish to protect users from both rains and sun. The shelter also comes with heavy duty poles.

The product makers also ensured proper ventilation with its two-side doors and mesh so air can circulate freely. Users can also use the rain-fly. The poles are corded and have matching anti-snag pole sleeves that are stretchy.

Its size allows persons to sit up while inside the tent. It also comes with some mesh pockets, so users have a place to secure important items.

However, this tent is not without flaws. For one, its fiberglass poles are not exactly lightweight, so portability becomes a problem. The mesh is made from cheap material and could break after a couple of uses. Plus, its packing bag has no tighteners to ensure that no piece of the shelter comes out from the bag.


The Luxe Tempo Batang 2 Person Tent for Camping has many competitors who offer almost the same convenience and features.

For example, the Flytop 3-4 season 2-person Double Layer Backpacking tents have a similar design. It has a mesh for proper air circulation. Its manufacturer claims to provide a high-quality tent with its double stitching and matching tape seams, and aluminum poles. It can protect campers from the sun with its UV protection and from rains since it is also waterproof.

It is slightly heavier than the Luxe tent since its weight is 5.9 pounds. However, the Flytop tent is bigger and can fit up to four people.

The Flytop tent has many flaws that cannot be ignored. For one, it does not seem to be a durable shelter as its stitchings and seams come apart easily. The tent’s stakes also bend quickly. Its air vents also fail to do its job and have durability issues as they are supported by a foam that is unlikely to last long.


The Luxe Tempo Backpacking TWo-Person Tent for Camping promises convenience, comfort, durability, and protection for campers. This product makes pitching a tent an easy one with its fast-pitch system. The manufacturer designed this product for durability given its heavy duty poles and durable fabric that can protect users from rains and sunlight.

The product maker also ensured convenience with its design as it has mesh windows for proper air ventilation and mesh pockets so users can store their items safely. But just like any other product out there, this one has its flaws, too. The poles are not exactly lightweight, but this is probably because the manufacturer is preventing the tent from flying during windy conditions.

When compared to other similar items, this product holds up well as other products have more flaws in their design and make. Some tents have stitches and seams coming off quickly, a problem that will not be endured by users of this enhanced version shelter.

Overall, this tent is a good buy for those who want a small tent. After all, it can only fit up to two people given its dimensions, unlike other camping tents that are capable of accommodating more campers. At least buyers of this tent will not have to contend with seams, stitches, and poles that easily break and fall apart.

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