TuTu Outdoors X-Large 4 Person Beach Tent Review

Going to the beach is one of the best experiences, especially if you’re a fan of the sun and the sea. The whole experience can be further enhanced if you have a great tent to house your gear and give you shelter from the sun. It is the one which is made from the best materials to accommodate all your outdoor activity needs. A huge tent which is versatile enough to be used in different environments will be perfect for you and your family.

When you are looking for a tent, you should think about how easy it will be to set up and take down to save you a lot of time and effort. A great tent will be one which can be mounted securely so that you can feel secure even if the winds get a bit rough. Finding an ideal tent which suits your needs will let you have a great overall beach experience.

Features of TuTu Outdoors X-Large 4 Person Beach Tent

The Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

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But what makes a particular tent the best choice for you? You need to consider a bunch of factors to determine whether the tent is the best one for you and your family. It depends on the special features as well as what you are looking for. Here are some features which really stand out:


  • This huge, waterproof tent is extremely portable. Once packed, you can take it along with you not only to the beach but to different activities and environments as well.
  • The tent comes with its own instructions for assembly so you can easily set it up.
  • It also comes with stakes and ropes so you can mount it on the ground to keep it stable.
  • Weighing at only 4 pounds, this tent is lightweight
  • It can accommodate up to 4 adults when set-up.
  • Once open, it has 2 windows which allows for excellent ventilation and circulation of air.
  • The internal pockets which are included also have different uses. You can store all your personal belongings in the pockets and keep them secure.


  • Handy and lightweight despite its size.
  • Easy and quick to set-up and take down.
  • The big size is ideal for the use during family vacations.
  • Sand bags on the tent are a great support, so the tent is stable even during windy days.


  • If not handled carefully, the hinges and support bars can break.
  • Though easy to pop back into place, the hinges are quite flimsy.


There are so many kinds of tents in the market now. They vary in styles, sizes, and special features so choosing one can be quite tedious. That is if you don’t have any idea which products are great. We’ve found that the Tutu Outdoors X-Large 4 Person Beach Tent is one of the most excellent products out there. It’s a stable tent which can be used in different environments.

If you’re a great outdoors person, then this is an ideal choice for you. Though spacious once set-up, it’s actually lightweight and portable. You can bring this tent around everywhere you go. It’s very easy to set-up as well as take down, and the instructions are included. So when you get to your venue, all you will do is set it up and move on to more enjoyable things, without having to worry.


Genji Sports Push Up Instant Beach Tent

No matter how great it is, you might find that the Tutu Outdoors X-Large 4 Person Beach Tent is not the right choice for you. Don’t fret though, there are other great options out there. One of which is the Genji Sports Push Up Instant Beach Tent. One of the more affordable choices in the market, setting up this tent is as easy as setting up an umbrella. It’s a simple tent which provides coverage from sun and the wind.

The corners of this tent can be staked down and it is also weighed down by sandbags, which provides additional stability. A cool feature of this tent is that you can actually flip it over when you’re taking it down so you can shake the sand off. This is a quaint but solid tent, made with a good structure and good fabric. It will give you good value for your money.


This tent has some solid and unique features, making it a must-have for those who enjoy the outdoors immensely. You’ll be getting a multipurpose tent which even comes with internal pockets for storing and keeping your personal items safe.

This huge tent allows up to 4 people to fit in it at a time, which is a lot compared to other kinds of tents. It’s also a stable tent, weighed down by stakes and sandbags, which are already included. When you are really thinking about getting a tent, we believe that this is a great choice for you.

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