What to Bring on a Camping Trip With Friends

In case you and your friends have agreed to meet up for a  camping trip, then it is essential for you to know what to tag along with. Most of us wonder what to bring on a camping trip with friends, well don’t go anywhere as we got your answer right here. 

In case you are going camping for the first time ever in your life, you must be daunted right now. Almost all of us by now have gotten used to technology hence camping would be very hard as camping entails getting away from technology and directly into survival mode. 

Camping is one of the best strategies to test your skills in survival. You can survive without the internet, electricity, and appliances similar to how the old people from the old centuries survived without all this techie stuff. 

You should be excited to get out there, overcome your fears, and make the best out of the adventure that is awaiting you. You require all the help and guidance as you start your camping journey and this is what we are here for.

Down below is a list of the items you are supposed to have when going camping, and without them, you are not doing yourself a favor going out there. 

What to Bring on a Camping Trip With Friends

Warm clothes 

This is one of the most important requirements while packing for your camping journey. Out there is cold as you will stay in tents, therefore to prevent you from falling sick we encourage that you pack warm clothes.

The warm clothes that you are packing should be at least light to avoid adding on weight when hiking. 

The warm clothes you packed, should also be windproof and waterproof, this is in order to ensure that you are protected. It is also encouraged that you pack some gloves to keep your hands warm and also a hat for the same purpose for your head. 

What to bring on a camping trip with friends – Tent 

This is the place where you will stay during your camping days. It offers you protection from the outside world which includes wild animals and the sun. If you are not able to find a simple tent fit for you and your friends then you purchase a number of tents that can satisfy all of you. 

Ensure that you are all comfortable and space is enough for everyone. Look for good tents with aluminum poles, double stitching, and good holding zippers. It should also have roof vents for proper air circulation inside the tents. 

Sleeping bags 

As you well know, this is one of the most important things to consider is knowing what to bring on a camping trip with friends. Sleeping inside a tent is very uncomfortable as you are sleeping on the cold ground which is hard. 

A sleeping bag ensures that at least you get some sleep during the night as it ensures that you are warm as it acts as insulation and the heat from your body is radiated back. A sleeping tent is a must-have requirement if you are going camping.

What to bring on a camping trip with friends – Water and food supplies 

We as humans cannot survive without water and food. While camping, you can get food that you are able to harvest, hunt, and fish so as to get your daily food.

It is also advised to bring along with you preserved food in cans and also packed water, which should be light to avoid adding on weight during hiking. 

You can also bring utensils and pans when you want to cook something to eat while you are camping. 

Navigating your way through the camping site can be tough if you don’t have the right equipment to do so. Such equipment includes compasses and maps. As you cannot carry your phone with you to camp, these are essential tools that you must have. 

These maps are crucial as they show you different places where you can access different materials such as foods and danger zone areas. Make sure that you interpret the map correctly to avoid going to prohibited areas. 

First aid equipment 

This is must-have equipment. In case you get injured or fall sick, you can always rely on the first aid equipment, and if it worsens go to the hospital. You should also tag along with your prescribed medicine in case you fall sick while camping. 

In your group of friends, it’s advisable that one of you knows how to use the first aid equipment in case one of you gets injured while camping. It’s highly advised not to touch anything that you don’t have a clue about so as to ensure that you all are safe. 


Fire is must-have equipment in your camp. Fire is used to warm water, cook food, and also can be used during the night as a light source. Sources of fire include a matchstick, magnesium flint, or a lighter. 

Although when the weather condition is wet it’s not advisable to bring a matchbox as it can get wet and won’t work. If any of your friends know how to start a simple fire using a magnesium flint, then it’s better to use that method, but if not a lighter can do. 

Handy tools 

It is also important to bring tools as it is one of the essentials in what to bring on a camping trip with friends. Such tools can include an ax that you can use to cut wood for firewood.

You can also tag along with a cutter or knife, to cut twigs or barks. You can also bring along a can opener or rather a bottle opener in case you want to open up a bottle of beer or a food can. 


This is a common item while writing a list of what to bring on a camping trip with friends. The flashlight is usually used at night and ensures that you see well wherever you are headed to. The flashlights should be on a full charge and the more the flashlights the better. You can also tag along with you a lamp that you can light up inside the tents and for individual purposes. 

What to Bring on a Camping Trip With Friends – Conclusion

After you have already made your camping list, then it’s time to turn into survival mode and remember to be adventurous and have fun out there. 

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