Best Youth Kayak in 2024

To help you find the best youth kayak, here are four of the highest quality and most economical options on the market.

Kayaking and canoeing is a fun and exciting way to get kids and teens outdoors in the summer. It is an excellent way for the entire family to bond and create lasting memories. Enthusiasts love the rushing of slicing through the ways and the feeling of freedom associated with exploring new waterways.

Beginners to the sport, especially younger riders, require some specialised equipment to keep them safe and afloat. The best youth kayaks come with a wide base, good buoyancy, and solid materials. They’ll also have plenty of leg room – perfect for accommodating your growing kid as their passion for kayaking grows with them.

Youth Sit On Top Kayaks Reviewed - What You Need To Know!

Whether you’re a pro camper or novice tent inflatable user, here is an in-depth look at 5 of the best products on the market.

Deluxe Sit-In Youth Kayak

The Deluxe Sit-In Kayak is made for beginners. A wide base, solid polyurethane construction, and long length make this kayak a dream to control even when the waves roll in. The wide cockpit makes getting in and out easy – even in an emergency.

The sharp nose of this kayak lets youths zip through the water for a fast thrill. Fortunately, the symmetrical placement of the hull makes it easier for beginners to stay balanced. A sit-in kayak is also great for keeping your kid dry and steady over choppy waves.

As beautiful and sturdy as the Deluxe Sit-In Kayak is, it lacks padded seating and high back support. That makes it a blank canvas open to customisation, but riders will have to separately purchase a kayak seat. An adjustable seat can be purchased separately for added comfort. The extra dry storage space in this model means kids can take all the safety and comfort essentials without a problem.


  • Beautiful ocean wave pattern

  • Perfect length (3.1 m long) for youth kayakers
  • Hardy polyurethane construction
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight design (20 kg)


  • Only 1 colourway option
  • No space for rod holders on exterior
  • No padded seat
  • Does not include paddle or additional safety equipment
Riber Kayak for Juniors and Youths

This sit-on-top Riber Kayak for Juniors is for those who aren’t afraid of getting a little damp during their water excursion. This wave youth kayak does not come with a cockpit located within the hull. Instead, riders sit directly on top of the boat. That means there’s little protection from water splashes, but that just adds to the thrill!

Because this is a sit-on-top model, it’ll take a little work for kids and teens to adjust to controlling it. Fortunately, the wide base of this kayak reduces the risk of capsizing. As riders are not strapped in, it’s also easy to get in and out in case of emergency. This sit-on-top kayak is ideal for beginners due to its stability and ease of getting in and out.

Inexperienced riders shouldn’t take this out into rapid waters right away. Instead, try traversing calmer water to first get a feel for the footrests and keel. Fortunately, this hardy kayak can follow kids from the beginning to slightly more adventurous excursions. The side handles and D-rings add to this model’s portability and customisation potential.


  • 3 colourway options
  • Wide base for extra stability
  • Easy to stand up or escape in case of emergency
  • Lightweight (11 kg) for easy transportation
  • Easy to customise


  • Not suited for rapid waterways or heavy waves
  • Does not come with additional safety equipment or paddles
  • No padded seat
Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

The Intex Challenger K1 Kayak is an inflatable kayak best for youth who’d love to take it down a lazy river ride. When the adventure has ended, this wave youth kayak can easily collapse for compact storage. Included are two collapsible aluminium paddles. Just add a life jacket, around 15 minutes for inflation, and this ride is ready to be enjoyed!

While this kayak is high-quality and comfortable, it shouldn’t be used around rocks or out in the open ocean. The material can potentially be punctured and deflated if used roughly or near sharp objects. Due to this, it is unlikely to be the best choice if you are looking to do a bit of fishing from your kayak. However, the included repair can patch up small holes and tears. Some have reported split seams that are difficult to patch. But, with careful use, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. While it is an inflatable kayak, hard shell kayaks offer more durability and stability.

Lifetime Youth Wave Inflatable Kayak

Overall, because it’s an inflatable kayak, this isn’t a lifetime youth wave kayak. It may need to be replaced over time. This model Intex Challenger K1 Kayak is best for older teens looking for a casual kayaking experience on a calm lake. Additionally, this is a shorter kayak, making it easier for younger kids to maneuver and control. It is also ideal for younger kids who are just starting out with kayaking.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Comes with 2 collapsible paddles
  • Free hand pump included
  • Repair kit included


  • Only 1 colourway option
  • Must be inflated by hand pump
  • Not stable for open sea use or around rocky water
  • Some reports that paddle bends mid-use
Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-Foot Sit In Kayak

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-Foot Sit In Kayak is an excellent choice for any beginner to the sport. Suited for a variety of environments, many consider it to set the standard for what a good youth wave kayak can be. Its stability and manoeuvrability mean its well-suited for both calm and rapid waters.

Constructed of heavy-duty and long-lasting polyurethane, this kayak can hold up to 113 kg while only weighing 80 kg itself. That translates to safety in the water and easy transportation on dry land. Plus, the extended legroom of this kayak makes it an excellent lifetime youth kayak. You may find your child can use it well into adulthood.



  • Limited storage space
  • Paddle and safety accessories not included
  • No rod holder

Conclusions On The Best Youth Kayaks And Canoes For Very Young Children:

All of the options in this youth kayak review are excellent for kids and teens alike. Kayaking is a great activity for all family members, including kids, teens, and adults. When selecting the right ride for your child, it’s important to consider their skill level and experience, as well as where they’ll be riding. Tandem kayaks are a great option for parents with very young children, as they provide space for parents to paddle with their youngest kids. There are various kayak options available, including sit-on-top kayaks, sit-in kayaks, and inflatable kayaks, suitable for different family members and skill levels.

Kayaks should always be used with the proper safety equipment – including a personal flotation device (i.e. a life jacket), helmet, first aid kit, and waterproof signalling device in case of emergency. Beginners should always start off on calm lakes or rivers before progressing to fast-flowing or rocky bodies of water. Kayaking can lead to happy paddling experiences and create lasting memories for the entire family. Young kids should always use age-appropriate gear and be supervised at all times. Tandem kayaks are a great choice for families with very young children, as they provide space for parents to paddle with their youngest kids. Of course, remember to supervise your kids at all times, no matter the weather or water conditions!

When you’ve picked the right one, you can check the prices on Amazon for the Deluxe Sit-In Kayak (Blue & White), the Riber Kayak for Juniors, and the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-Foot Sit. Happy kayaking!

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